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Dia Compe Tech77 Lever Brake Lever

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Dia Compe Tech77 Lever Brake Lever Tech77 Lever

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    “God among Men”

    The Good: Strength, Length, Weight, feel, Thick enough that you can bend it yourself with out snapping it. Great shape. Classic

    The Bad: Nill. Best lever i have ever owned

    Overall Review:

    I have had two of these over the years. First on on my first bike with brakes. Bike got stollen though and the next bike didnt have brakes. Went back to brakes and had to go with the classic. Tried a mono leaver and wasn't right. This one just has the perfect feel and it's nice and long

    Fucking legend. faldfhkhfidhfid approved

    “What's not to like?”

    The Good: The shape, size, weight, colour, feel,smell and taste of this lever is just perfect.

    The Bad: Absolutely now't.

    Overall Review:

    Had four of these bad boys over the years, though my latest one is the first I put a custom bend in, which makes it the perfect lever for me personally, not that it wasn't anyway. If you run brakes, you run a Tech-77, it's that simple.

    “such a classic”

    The Good: it's a classic for many reasons. it's strong, looks good, works good.

    The Bad: it's a little heavier than most 'modern' levers

    Overall Review:

    even thoughit's a little heavier than most 'modern' levers, it doesn't bother me since it's strong as a tank!

    “Solid Lever”

    The Good: Can take a beating and doesn't disrupt bar tricks

    The Bad: Has an older which i don't really mind but others might

    Overall Review:

    Best brake lever i have and will continue to use it for as long as i ride.

    “tech 77 lever”

    The Good: Its the best lever ive ever seen

    The Bad: Its the tech 77 there is no bad

    Overall Review: Its probably the most famous brake lever among all types of bike riding. hell i even put one on my mountain bike a few years ago. worked great actually


    Miscellaneous INFO:
    The legendary Tech 77 lever. First to use hinge clamp.

    MSRP: $?
    Featured color: black/silver

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