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Dia Tech Goldfinger Tech99 DS Brake Lever

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Dia Tech Goldfinger Tech99 DS Brake Lever Goldfinger Tech99 DS

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    The Good: sticks to bars, one finger braking, makes the bike stop

    The Bad: a bit too bulky...any chance for a goldfinger slim? only had replace the clamp bolt once a couple months ago..I had stripped it

    Overall Review: I have had mine since 2002 back when I was rocking some narrow bars...I love that this can clamp on bends...


    Back in the day I had a dirt harry... Basically the same thing as this only that one you can use 2 fingers. I see with these they got rid of the option to use with 1" bars by removing the shim and adapting it to 7/8 only. Who the hell ran 1" bars anyway? Looks like they updated the clamp bolt also, looks alot smoother. Might wanna get rid of the little allen pin stickin in there.


    Miscellaneous INFO:
    Dia Tech short GF lever with hinge clamp.

    -Forged aluminum bracket (black anodized)
    -Forged aluminum lever handle (gold anodized)
    -Double bent lever handle for dirt jump
    -Hinged clamp
    -Clamp 25.44mm standard or w/ sleeve for 22.2mm handle bar
    -Usable on curve position (short handle bar)

    MSRP: $19.99
    Featured color: gold
    Other colors:


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