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Eastern Bikes Brand Brake Lever

Average User Rating: (Very Good)
Eastern Bikes Brand Brake Lever Brake Lever Matte Hot Blue 2 LoRes
C70_brake_lever_matte_hot_blue_2_lores C70_brake_lever_matte_gold_2_lores C70_brake_lever_matte_white_2_lores C70_brake_lever_matte_blue_2_lores C70_brake_lever_black_hinge_lo_res C70_brake_lever_matte_purple_2_lores C70_brake_lever_matte_red_2_lores C70_brake_lever_matte_hinges_lores C70_brake_lever_matte_black_2_lores

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    “ok brake lever”

    The Good: It's cheap and comes in decent colors and has a hinge to make installation easy

    The Bad: The barrel adjust is crappy bends and the threads striped out

    Overall Review: It could be better but it stops the bike

    “on my fixie”

    The Good: its bad ass, had the EB logo on it

    The Bad: the barrel adjuster bent really easily

    Overall Review: Probably a great lever for bmx but not for road bikes braking force or something

    “price speaks.”

    The Good: clean, and feels alright.

    The Bad: really brittle. first the clamp bolt broke and that was a pain to get out and then the lever snapped. pos..

    Overall Review: If you need a lever for cheap get this but if you can got like odyssey of somthing.

    “Amazing. Must get!!!”

    The Good: It feels amazing.

    The Bad: I feel on it and if you push down it moves, but it still works amazing.

    Overall Review: Get it, it's worth the $10.99 on Dans Comp


    Size The Right Size
    Materials Forged Alloy
    Colors Matte Black, Matte Red, Matte Gold, Matte Purple, Matte White, Matte Blue, Matte Hot Blue

    0 lb 3.3 oz (94 g)

    Miscellaneous Hinged Clamp for Easy Installation & Cable Actuation Designed for U-Brake
    Price N/A
    More Info Eastern Bikes website