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Odyssey M2 Lever Small Brake Lever

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Odyssey M2 Lever Small Brake Lever M2 Lever Small

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    “Smooth and reliable.”

    The Good: I've had this lever a year and it has never failed me. Cable is strong, lever hasn't bent, bushing are still great, hardly any lever flop. AND this lever comes with two differnt cable lengths, and extra bushings. If you ride a gyro, buy this lever. Unless your hella rich and can afford a nice machined one like a fly or Colony.

    The Bad: I have really long fingers and I'd like a little more bend. I'd bend it myself but I'm afraid of breaking it. The clamp slips pretty easy. I take my shoe off and bang it back into place sometimes.

    Overall Review: I've usually used a Dirty harry lever with a Snafu cable, but this cable is stronger and looks cleaner. And I don't cut my finger on the extra knob sticking out the bottom. Or be trendy and take your brakes off and ride girl pants.


    Miscellaneous INFO:
    Patented Dual cable system. Designed with the most popular lever feel in mind. Minimalist Hinged Clamp with smooth underside. Designed to run on bend OR flat. Three different lever shapes (Small shown here). Replaceable hardware to eliminate stripping the clamp. M2 upper cable included(must be used with M2 upper).

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    Featured color: black
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