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Odyssey M2 Trigger Brake Lever

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Odyssey M2 Trigger Brake Lever M2 Trigger

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    “kick ass lever”

    The Good: everything!!!

    The Bad: nothing is bad bout this!

    Overall Review: fuckin best lever... u cud switch from gyro cables to single cable with the extra parts so u dont have to buy a whole new lever.. odyssey is the best.. shud come in like purple tho..


    M2 this is good lever most people that i know run a cable and are runnig the the other trigger lever so if you run a gyro its good lightwieght i especially dont mind it but hey to me bmx is about exercise and gettiing out of the hous!!!


    Miscellaneous INFO:
    Patented Dual cable system. Designed with the most popular lever feel in mind. Minimalist Hinged Clamp with smooth underside. Designed to run on bend OR flat. Three different lever shapes (Trigger shown here). Replaceable hardware to eliminate stripping the clamp. M2 upper cable included(must be used with M2 upper).

    MSRP: $?
    Featured color: black
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