Odyssey Monolever Trigger Brake Lever

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Odyssey Monolever Trigger Brake Lever Monolever Trigger
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    I love this lever, it's lasted quite a long time too. I also liked how it came with replacement bushings and bolts. The only downside is that i have a few freidns that "overtightend" theirs to the point where the brand new lever snapped. I haven't had any trouble though.

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    Vital BMX member Kinetikbiker04
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    Product Odyssey Monolever Trigger Brake Lever
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    Single cable lever. Designed with the most popular lever feel in mind. Minimalist Hinged Clamp with smooth underside. Designed to run on bend OR flat. Three different lever shapes (Trigger shown here). Replaceable hardware to eliminate stripping the clamp.

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    Featured color: black
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