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Odyssey Monolever Trigger Brake Lever

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Odyssey Monolever Trigger Brake Lever Monolever Trigger

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    “The Best Brake Lever Ever!!!!!”

    The Good: I love this brake lever! When odyssey came out with this, they knew what they were doing with it! It coming in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, and Trigger) and its simple design and easy to take-off clamp is my favorite part. I've ran the same lever for as long as it has been out for. It will last a long long time!

    The Bad: Doesn't fit the snafu gyro cables, so i had to make my own little thing to make it work! The lever itself gets worn out and jimmies all over the place, which gets annoying after awhile, but you soon get use to it.

    Overall Review:

    This lever will last you a long long time! Odyssey knew what they were doing when they made this. If your lever is broken or worn down. but everything else still works, you can easily change the lever with what ever other lever that odyssey makes. It's cheap, affordable, and can be easily be taken off your handle bars.

    “best break lever on the face of the earth”

    The Good: awesome lever. its odyssey. super comfortable for one or two finger use. super easy to put on. awesome if you get the one that comes with the upper gyro cables

    The Bad: nothing so far i love it

    Overall Review:

    an amazing lever for really cheap . super easy to put on and really comfortable get it

    “one of the best”

    The Good: it is freaking strong lever, and not to bad looking.

    The Bad: although it is strong it gets scraped easily. i have worn the edges body to about 70% of the original thickness

    Overall Review:

    will use this again and again

    “Odyssey trigger lever”

    The Good: really good. it lasts long, feels really smooth and doesn't cut up your hands and fingers

    The Bad: not the best if you have short fingers

    Overall Review: overall its a really good lever and i'm glad I've got one

    “Great trigger”

    The Good: high quality has a great feel easy to put on your bars trigger froms to my fingers well

    The Bad: doesnt come in too many colors

    Overall Review: great lever in expensive too odyssey got it right again get this lever

    “best lever on the market”

    The Good: great feel, hinge is awesome, perfect bend

    The Bad: there isnt a variety of colors, but who cares, black matches everything

    Overall Review: this is the best lever ever, the bend fits your finger perfectly, and it is super comfortable. Get this lever!!!!!! You wont regret it!!

    “This lever sucks.”

    The Good: Ummmmm....Its easy to put on. And fortunately, easy to take back off.

    The Bad: Friggin uncomfortable. After you bend the tigger out of it and wrap in in two rolls of electrical tape it might not peel the skin off your nose pickin finger. Barrel adjuster breaks immediately. It smelled bad when I took it out of the packaging.

    Overall Review: Blows like a humpback whale. Odyssey didn't have stopping in mind when they designed this thing. Their other levers are decent though.


    Miscellaneous INFO:
    Single cable lever. Designed with the most popular lever feel in mind. Minimalist Hinged Clamp with smooth underside. Designed to run on bend OR flat. Three different lever shapes (Trigger shown here). Replaceable hardware to eliminate stripping the clamp.

    MSRP: $?
    Featured color: black
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    More Info Odyssey website