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Demolition Vulcan Brakes

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
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    The Good: Easy setup,love the multiple spring holes and just all in all good quality.

    The Bad: The cable hanger bolts didn't hold the cable in place, switched for my fly bikes cable hanger though.

    Overall Review:

    I recommend these brakes to everyone, just get a better cable hanger. The anodized purple is the color I ride and it looks awesome!

    “Good, besides the cable hanger”

    The Good: -Smooth -Work really nice

    The Bad: -Cable hanger is the biggest piece of shit I've ever used

    Overall Review:

    These brakes are smooth, light, and work really good.

    Until the cable hanger decides to blow up. First off, two of the bolts randomly fell out, which made it very hard to keep tight. Second, the one screw holding the brake cable completely rounded, and I never used any excess force or anything. Now these brakes are completely useless.

    Avoid, unless you want to buy a separate cable hanger.

    I'll be forgetting these and picking up a set of Springfields, considering a set of Springfields is barely more than a new straddle cable and cable hanger.


    these brakes are awsome i would recomend them to anyone , i had them for a couple months but then took brakes off(not because there bad i just like brakeless better) and they didnt snap strip or anything. the hold realy great. great brakes for a good price to.


    Front/Rear Either
    Materials 6061 Al.
    Colors Black, White Purple, Blue, Red

    0 lb 5.9 oz (167 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Demolition website