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Dia Tech Hombre U-Brake Brakes

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Dia Tech Hombre U-Brake Brakes Hombre U-Brake

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    “Best brake I've had”

    The Good: affordable, light, works great.

    The Bad: Not crazy about green but don't care about color coordinating that much. It's only a little green. Quit crying.

    Overall Review: I currently have this on my We the People. Easy to dial in. Apparently it's too hard for some people. Dial it once and ride til you change frames. They work great on chrome wheels. Stops so good.

    “okay for the price people could do better”

    The Good: cheap light and thats it

    The Bad: the are a pain to dial in they took me about an hour to get these right and if you get the red set expect them to be pink instead

    Overall Review: i wish i would have got a better brake set (demolition vulcan)

    “Total Garbage”

    The Good: Cheap price and mass production made me think these things were the hottest breaks on the market. - Cheap

    The Bad: I don't know where to start with these things. I have never had issues with breaks in my life, usually i can take any set and throw them on, give me 1 minute to dial them in and i wouldn't have to touch them till my tires needed a change. man, what a diffrent story with these things though. these breaks DO NOT hold any dialing you do. after you set them up your going to have to re dial them in an hour. the design inside the screw caps is TERRIBLE. The caps slip out as soon as you start crashing or hitting anything hard. I use back breaks religiously, i NEED them for half my tricks, but when the dial on these things changes after every jump, you never know how much pressure to apply, thus every trick is a gamble.... - cheap design in screw caps does not hold your set up well - pads that come with are VERY CHEAP and might as well be plastic - adjusting the tension on the springs is like defusing a bomb, takes FOREVER to get it just right, and after the fact your just going to have to re adjust them again in an hour - getting equal stance on each side of the rim isn't even possible, once again, this comes down to the cheap design inside the screw caps.

    Overall Review: bought 3 sets and threw them all on my bikes expecting no problems. Breaks are breaks, never had an issue with a set of breaks in my life.... man was i wrong first set of breaks i pt on my bike took my over an hour to actually set up, after 20 minutes of riding they just ended up releasing and i found myself constantly having to stop and adjust them just so i could ride. after a day of this i took them apart and inspected what was happening. Further inspection showed the distance machined in the breaks arms that sit on the break mounts of the frame were not deep enough, had to remove the copper fitting and file it down nearly 1/8 of an inch just so i could get them to sit right. after making my personal mods the breaks sat right on the frame but i still had issues with dialing them in. after a few days i got fed up and decided to use the other set of ditech i bought. with no surprise the identical problem happened (another sign that the issue is manufacturer mass production) Thinking maybe its my bike i resort to putting the breaks on my other frame... and just as before, same problems. In the end i bought 3 sets of these breaks, tried all 3 of them, and the only way i could even get them to at least sit right on the frame was by altering the design of the breaks myself, but when it came down to dialing them in, forget it, these things are garbage. i took them all off and just went back to my original stock no name sets, and amazingly there working with no problems. for an inexperienced rider who just fools around at a park and doesn't do much these are great, for an avid rider who needs breaks to stay alive and do serious tricks, STAY AWAY FROM THESE THINGS I would not recommend these breaks to anyone Please note that i think Diatech is a great company, i use there levers for everything and truly think they do want a good product out there, i just think this one batch they made may have been a problem in there machining though, im sure in there next break release they will resolve these issues.

    “great bang for your buck”

    The Good: great value for money

    The Bad: the brake pads are terrible, had a few problems with them in the beginning

    Overall Review: These brakes are very very good value for the money, cheap and great! The only let down was the brake pads, and an upgrade will make these brakes so much better. Well worth the money

    “good good good”

    The Good: work perfect

    The Bad: none at all

    Overall Review: these came with my 09 stolen cheater which ive had over a year now,used them for a couple of months then went brakeless for a couple of months and now back with them,easy to take apart and put together and adjust,there cheap to get for awsome brakes


    just a cheap alternative to tektro brakes never liked these at all look cheap and retarded but thats just my opinion theyre brakes what can i say they stop me right?


    Miscellaneous INFO:
    Dia Tech Hombre U Brake.

    -Cold forged aluminum arms (silver finish / black anodized)
    -Freestyle use
    -Dual spring tension adjustment
    -W/anchor bolt parts
    -V-type brake shoe can accomodate rim width between 22-32mm
    -Hombre pads

    MSRP: $?
    Featured color: black
    Other colors:


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    More Info Dia Tech website