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Odyssey Evolver Brakes

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Odyssey Evolver Brakes Evolver

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“Great brakes for the money”

The Good: They work... They come with everything you could ever need, short of brake cables and levers. Built well. Good materials.

The Bad: Can't think of anything. Not one thing. Just get them already.

Overall Review:

Great brakes for the money.

What more do you need?

They even give you the parts for a london mod...

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“Absolutely Fantastic”

The Good: Easy set up, easy stopping, easy adjusting

The Bad: small things, not much

Overall Review: I got these but the thread on's on my bike wouldn't let the bolts screw in, kinda pissed

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The Good: last forever

The Bad: is a brake, means weight

Overall Review: i used to have these on my 03 haro, they weren't that strong, only cause the cable (the strattle cable) was loose and couldn't find my allen wrenches, didn't take em off though they were almost useless(only cause cable). i prefer brakeless cause brakes=weight, but if i had to use brakes, only the evolver

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i had stock brakes.. then i stripped them off and rode brake-less for a while.. then my dad got mad.. :/ he told me to put the shitty brakes back on my bike and i lied that they were broken.. so he ended up buyin me these with a odyssey lever and slic cable. sickest set up ever. i actually enjoy brakes now. fufanoo for life

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Miscellaneous INFO:
Flush surface and a low stack height. Generous pad adjustment in both directions. London Mod dual cable adapter included. Designed for front or rear wheel use out of the box. Modular cable hardware allows for multiple setup options. Two sets of springs are included for greater customization. Forged aluminum construction for ideal strength and stiffness.

MSRP: $?
Featured color: red
Other colors:
blue or black
Price N/A
More Info Odyssey website