Primo E-Brake Brakes

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Primo E-Brake Brakes E-Brake
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    The Good:

    stoping power

    The Bad:


    Overall Review:

    i hate working on 990 u brakes period but these are good

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    Vital BMX member $BMXADDICT$
    72984 $BMXADDICT$,72984/all 12/15/10 51,72984/setup 3 20 6 10 4

    “Worth the Money”

    The Good:

    Low Profile for chainstay mounts Easy adjustability Comes with everything you need

    The Bad:

    Not the best pads Pads can become angled if not careful when tightening

    Overall Review:

    These brakes work pretty well, and clear my 28/10 gear ratio, and for $29.99 from Dan's Comp, they were worth the money.

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    Vital BMX member JSFER2
    11961 JSFER2,11961/all 11/15/07 2 33 35 8,11961/setup 37 381 2 115 7 19


    They stop, but the bushings aren't that tight so they flop around too much. AD990s are still the best.

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    Vital BMX member montymitch
    32091 montymitch,32091/all 10/10/08 2 30 451 18 2


    they look good, but there not too good

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    Vital BMX member Mobtastik
    14409 Mobtastik,14409/all 01/18/08 13 79 2,14409/setup 2 55 5 17


    they work great for me no problems and only about 10 min to put em on and the grab so well... i think they great for the price and there light...

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    Vital BMX member TristanRidesABike
    9254 TristanRidesABike,9254/all 08/21/07 1 25 12,9254/setup 28 340 1 48 7 7


    these are great for a $32 brakes.... strong and light, never have a problem..should get one for yourselves people!!

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    Vital BMX member fit_hawk714
    7510 fit_hawk714,7510/all 06/10/07 1 1 3


    I had these brakes for almost a year until i got some Odyssey's off a freind. They were nice for the first few months i had them but the spring seemed to lose power and not stay tight after awhile. The stack height was decent and i could run a 63-13 with my old Haro frame. I got rid of them eventually becuase i wanted more powerfull brakes that worked better. Oh, and the brake shoes that came with them weren't any good.

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    Vital BMX member Kinetikbiker04
    923 Kinetikbiker04,923/all 10/18/06 21 7,923/setup 1 2 13 12 1


    Good brakes, low stack height. Not quite as stiff as an evolver, but stiffer than an hombre. Pretty light as well.


    good brakes never failed on me

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    Vital BMX member bmx_street2006
    1216 bmx_street2006,1216/all 11/07/06 1 17 4 9 25 1 27 11 6


    Product Primo E-Brake Brakes
    Riding Type
    Style of Brake
    Miscellaneous Suggested retail: N/A
    Colors: Black
    Front/Rear/Set: Can be used as front or rear. Each brake sold separately.
    Materials: Cold forged aluminum
    Other features: Low-profile design for chain clearance, stiff design, increased brake pad adjustability
    Weight: 6.4oz.

    More Info Primo website