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Revenge Industries Brakes Brakes

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Revenge Industries Brakes Brakes Industries Brakes

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    “very good.”

    The Good: they are well made and work well, very good for people that run gyros due to the fact both arms lock down on bare wire (aka with out the knob on the end)

    The Bad: like other said they are heavier then some out there, they take up more space, and you can screw the bearings up and ruin them.

    Overall Review: good but not perfect.

    “generation 2 please?”

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    The Bad: '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

    Overall Review: I would love to see an updated version with a lighter weight and lower profile. Right now they cant compete with the fly breaks, which are more than a quarter pound lighter (flys are claimed to be 5.5 oz.)


    I got these brakes brand new for $25 at my local shop. Lets just say I would have paid the $75. They are amazing. It took me about ten minuets to get my brake system dialed. And when I say dialed I mean %100 PERFECT. if you have the cash or the chance to get these at a cheap price dont pass it up. A little too tall for chain stays, but perfect for seat stays.


    Excellent brake, well made, pretty stiff. Swapped the stack-caps for better ones and ditched the squeally pads, but overall the best U-brake I've owned.

    Thing is unless you've got the rest of you brake system dialled in then these (like any other) won't make you brakes any better.

    Overall, if you've got some ££ / $$ to throw away then buy this brake, but for 90% of the riders out there a brake that costs 1/2 as much matched to a dialled brake system (lever, cable, pads and chrome rim) will work just as well.

    To Tunaaa - this happens when new for some reason, but mine have been on for approx 20 months and not come loose once since the initail 1/2 dozen times they would slacken off. 1 Star is a bit harsh !!


    Miscellaneous Suggested retail: $74.99
    Colors: Black, Dank Green, Raw
    Front/Rear/Set: Front or rear
    Materials: CNC machined aluminum, American made
    Other features: Built in truing system, sealed bearing pivots
    Weight: 10.5 oz.

    Price N/A
    More Info Revenge website