Eastern Bikes Moray Cable

Eastern Bikes Moray Cable Moray Cable Grouped 2
C70_moray_cable_grouped_2 C70_moray_cable_white C70_moray_cable_pink C70_moray_cable_blue C70_moray_cable_transparent_black C70_moray_cable_red C70_moray_cable_green C70_moray_cable_grey C70_moray_cable_yellow C70_moray_cable_purple C70_moray_cable_black
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    Product Eastern Bikes Moray Cable
    Type Linear
    Riding Type Freestyle
    Housing Manufactured to Auto Industry Standards Which Allows Cable to be Wound Very Tightly Without Binding
    Colors Black, Green, Red, White, Pink, Blue, Translucent Black, Grey, Orange, Yellow, Purple
    Weight 0 lb 3.1 oz (88 g)
    Miscellaneous 60" of Housing & 65" of Teflon Coated Inner Cable
    Price N/A
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