Sputnic Straight Cable

Sputnic Straight  Cable 800-10292_SPU_StraightCable_rgb
C70_800_10292_spu_straightcable_rgb C70_803_10292_spu_straightcable_black C70_805_10292_spu_straightcable_white C70_802_10292_spu_straightcable_red C70_804_10292_spu_straightcable_blue C70_808_10292_spu_straightcable_yellow C70_8045_10292_spu_straightcable_orange C70_813_10292_spu_straightcable_kellygreen C70_820_10292_spu_straightcable_leadengreen C70_826_10292_spu_straightcable_purple
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Product Sputnic Straight Cable
Type Linear
Riding Type Freestyle
Housing Linear style cable provides stiffer braking and resists kinking
Colors black, red, leaden green, solid gold, white, blue, kelly green, purple, yellow, orange
Weight 0 lb 2.7 oz (77 g)
Miscellaneous - 50" long
Price N/A
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