Tree Bicycle Co. Tree SB Power Cable Cable

Tree Bicycle Co. Tree SB Power Cable Cable Brake Cable
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Product Tree Bicycle Co. Tree SB Power Cable Cable
Type Linear
Riding Type Freestyle
Housing Teflon lined housing with Kevlar fiber wrap
Colors Black
  • 0 lb 2.6 oz (74 g)
  • 0 lb 2.3 oz (65 g)
Price $15.99
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The cable end:

We licensed the brass barrel design from Kink bikes instead of just taking their idea.

The separate brass barrel piece prevents wire twist and allows the cable to self-correct which works really well at increasing pulling power due to the stiffer wire.

The cable can be easily converted to a lower gyro cable by removing the barrel.

The ferrules:

The aluminum ferrules have a flat bottom for the housing to butt up against which keeps the cable from binding up on the ends. They also have a nylon plastic guide inside so there is no metal on metal rubbing. 

The housing:

Uses steel linear wires with Kevlar fiber wrap that prevents binding when the cable is twisted up. Inside is lined with a Teflon tube built into the housing.

The cable:

The inner wire is 1.5mm pre-stretched, die extruded, and Teflon coated for lowest friction possible.

A lot of cables have some of these attributes but the Tree cable is the first cable to have all of these benefits in one cable.

-Sam Schulte Designer/Owner