Hoffman Bikes Alloy Chain Tensioner

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Hoffman Bikes Alloy Chain Tensioner Chain-Tensioner-Smoke-Nickel
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    hoffman chain tensionors

    The Good:

    small, look cool, come in a decent amount of colors, keeps your chain tight.

    The Bad:

    doesn't work on all chains and dropouts. I had to get an odyssey bluebird chain for it to work.

    Overall Review:

    overall its worth a buy. With these handy little devices I never have to constantly put my wheel back after each sesshion

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    Vital BMX member trustus
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    Yes I rock the chain tensioners

    The Good:

    Small and light weight. They come with 3 different length allen bolts.

    The Bad:

    everyone including skaters ask me why I use them. My friend tried using them on his B-rad frame and they didn't work. He has to get a half link for his chain to get them to work.

    Overall Review:

    These work great with my chain, and drop out length. Every time I have to do any work on my rear wheel I just set the tension, and tighten my bolts.The rear wheel never slips on me.

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    Product Hoffman Bikes Alloy Chain Tensioner
    Materials 6061 Alloy
    Colors Flat Black, Red, Blue, Green, Blasted Sand, Smoke Nickle
    Weight 0 lb 0.4 oz (11 g)
    Price $7.99
    More Info Hoffman Bikes website