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Odyssey Pact Chain Tensioner

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Odyssey Pact Chain Tensioner Pact

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    “Dont get these”

    The Good: time consuming

    The Bad: they dont work and a waste of $

    Overall Review: i bought these thinking they would work and i was wrong,they dont work on short drop outs worth shit,you need long drop outs for them to work,they sucked soo bad i gave em away what a waste of $


    I used this on my drive side (LHD) and it's fine, Got some scrapes on the bottom side, keep it away from grinds and it'll be alright. My backwheel is close to slammed with a slight amount of space and using the medium bolt was fine. (Simple Enigma frame) Very useful for keeping the rear end dialed to the same position after fiddling with the wheel.


    no matter how many times this model chain tensioner is redesigned, it will still be a complete waste and almost useless, i had it and the bolt wasn't long enough, didn't fit my drop outs, and when i put the bigger bolt in, it hit the axle before even moving my rim. then when i custom made a bolt, i put very little force on the allen key and it completely destroyed the threading inside of the tensioner.


    Miscellaneous INFO:
    7075 AL Chain tensioner. Re-designed by Matt Beringer. Recess for more lo-pro bolt. Third headless bolt included to use the tensioner as a "PUSH" tensioner on the inside of the dropout. "PULL" style hareware still included(long and short).

    MSRP: $?
    Featured color: black
    Price N/A
    More Info Odyssey website