Cult 410 Chain

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    “A good cheap chain.”

    The Good:

    Doesn't stretch easily.

    The Bad:

    Nothing really.

    Overall Review:

    Same thing as a regular KMC Z 410. If you do grind on the drive side, go for a KMC 410H or 510 HX Dropbuster, both of which will last for ages before something goes wrong.

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    Vital BMX member isnowyaznV2
    95706 isnowyaznV2,95706/all 06/29/12 11,95706/setup 183 4704 29 30 5

    “good for the money”

    The Good:

    Cheap, pretty durable, comes with half link.

    The Bad:

    Not great for heavy street

    Overall Review:

    its a good chain. I see why they call it the 410, its alot like the kmc 410. lasts awhile good for the money. it lasted about 2 months for me which isnt bad at all considering how much i grind.

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    Vital BMX member hunglojoe
    98108 hunglojoe,98108/all 09/05/12 14 7,98108/setup 13 20 6

    “get a 510”

    The Good:

    vewy good, vewy black, vewy culty

    The Bad:


    Overall Review:

    get a cult 510, fuck those super exspensie half links!!! this works perfectly fine

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    Vital BMX member sameslabombito
    71852 sameslabombito,71852/all 11/23/10,71852/setup 4 4 6 1

    “just a chain”

    The Good:

    its average

    The Bad:

    there are better chains that are slightly more expensive

    Overall Review:

    It is good for the price. I have found better chains (amber half link)

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    Vital BMX member demolition10aussie
    88997 demolition10aussie,88997/all 01/02/12 3 3


    Product Cult 410 Chain

    0 lb 7.9 oz (224 g)

    Miscellaneous the cult 410 CHAIN is a strong and affordable 1/8" chain based on the original 410 with stamped cult logos and a teflon coating. includes a pre-installed half link to make fine tuning the length easier.
    Price $7.99
    More Info Cult website