Cult 510 Chain

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    “Worth the money”

    The Good:

    Strong, heavy duty and cheap.

    The Bad:

    It's so thick that the chain doesn't sit right on a small driver. sometimes will crunch.

    Overall Review:

    For the money, and the strength, its one of the best chains.

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    Vital BMX member SkyeJai
    101179 SkyeJai,101179/all 12/11/12 2 2 3 16

    “this is the way to go!”

    The Good:

    It's cheap, it's coated with like Teflon or something so it feels pre-greased, but it actually isn't. It's nice and strong, you don't need a special chain breaker to put it on. It has a pre-installed half link so you can really dial in your back end length.

    The Bad:

    the links look like they are shaped oddly, but it is a chain and quality comes before looks

    Overall Review:

    This chain has no gimmicks, it's cheap, and strong. If you want to replace your chain, buy this one!

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    Vital BMX member hmuifulikefriedchicken
    89632 hmuifulikefriedchicken,89632/all 01/18/12 54 558 40 5

    “if your replacing a halflink or any other chain, GO WITH THIS!”

    The Good:

    cheaap, had mines for like 3 months and it looks and runs like it brand new.

    The Bad:

    nothing bad at allllll

    Overall Review:

    this thing runs soooo smooth, nd it cheap and reliable! what else can you want in a chain?

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    Vital BMX member cameroon
    59854 cameroon,59854/all 04/07/10 1 10 18,59854/setup 15 96 1 61 7 2

    “Cheap and good.”

    The Good:

    Same as any other 510 but cheaper.

    The Bad:

    None really.

    Overall Review:

    It's good and cheap. My favorite cult product :D

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    Vital BMX member Spenlard
    73785 Spenlard,73785/all 01/02/11 10 13,73785/setup 424 6887 49 7 49

    “THE CHAIN!!!!!!!”

    The Good:

    its a cheap er alternitive to the odsy bluebird, and it fit my bike. so i cant complain.

    The Bad:

    aslkjnclkjsnckjnv nothing

    Overall Review:

    if your having trouble finding a chain that fits your bike, get this.

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    Vital BMX member theboss
    67466 theboss,67466/all 08/28/10 1 56 415 26 20 3



    0 lb 9.8 oz (278 g)

    Miscellaneous the cult 510 CHAIN features a teflon coating with stamped cult logos, heat-treated riveted pins and thicker side plates to increase strength and prevent stretching. includes a pre-installed half link to make fine tuning the length easier.
    Price $12.99
    More Info Cult website

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