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Cult HALFLINK Chain Screen shot 2011-12-16 at 10.26.32 AM

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    “This chain is just wow!”

    The Good: It's really nice I should say.

    The Bad: I can't have sex with it. :/

    Overall Review: I just put the chain and DAMN it feels really solid. Kind of like a Shadow but IMO it's way more durable. I recommend this chain to any body out there.

    “It's a khe collapse in half link form”

    The Good: super strong due to the bushing links

    The Bad: nothing at all

    Overall Review:

    So been running this chain on my spare bmx since it came out for one reason: bushing links. The bushing link is a tube that sits in the hole where the pin pushes through which makes the chain super strong and stiff. The khe collapse had bushing links in it which is what gave it the high strength so although you can't get a collapse you can get one of these.


    The Good: Its the best chain ive ever owned, doesnt stretch much at all and looks like some chain you would tie a beast up with. it wouldnt break then either.

    The Bad: Nothing at all. Weight weenies be like " Oh its too heavy ima get the mechanik hollow half track" -____-

    Overall Review: Never got loose plates! This is a mans chain. Man up and run it . Never broke its old too so yeah... do it up!

    “This should be your bae”

    The Good: Thick, strong, cheap, the bae

    The Bad: No nooooo noooo

    Overall Review:

    I havent snapped it for a year and I half and I ride every day. Honestly I think it's the best half link, because it's thick won't break, unless u do something straight up stupid. And if u scratch it don't even worry. So go buy it. I got a questionIdk if it's the chain but it keeps becoming every time I tighten the chain, or do something to the back wheel.

    “can't go wrong ”

    The Good: Thick af, strong as hell, best half link ever

    The Bad: Chainbreaker killer

    Overall Review:

    I've ridden this chain for over a year and it only snapped once but only bc a pin wasnt through all the way of the link and I was too lazy to push it in all the way. You will never have/want to buy another chain again

    “Get this chain!”

    The Good: Thick plates, well made, doesn't snap or rust.

    The Bad: I honestly cant think of a damn thing.

    Overall Review:

    I have been threw a few chains. mechanik was my first half link and it snapped all the time. A few people I know run the Shadow. the Shadow chains are nice, but expensive. I have been running it since this spring and I havent had a single problem.In other words GET IT.

    “One of the BEST”

    The Good: i have literally taken my foot and stomped it on the pedal full force repeatedly to test it.ddnt do anything.

    The Bad: nothing really.

    Overall Review:

    good overall and has a different look that i like



    0 lb 11.3 oz (320 g)

    Miscellaneous the cult HALF LINK chain features a teflon coating with engraved cult logos and is designed to help dial in the rear end length on frames with short dropouts. rounded side plates are compatible with 8t and larger drivers.
    Price $26.99
    More Info Cult website