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Stolen Shackle Half Link Chain (discontinued)

Average User Rating: (Terrible)
Stolen Shackle Half Link Chain Shackle

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“Not too good.”

The Good: I had the chain in silver plating so the color obviously didn't change.

The Bad: The chain stretched whenever I ran a pretty tight chain and it's keep stretching eventhe tiniest bit. Then one day, one of the pins popped half out and the link just bent completely in half, ready to snap.

Overall Review:

If you want a halflink chain, don't get this. Go for another legit halflink or better yet, a full link chain.

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“Shittiest half link available”

The Good: Lasts afew weeks

The Bad: I need a new chain, this one stretches, and the "Teflon coating" rubbed off completely and now won't even hold grease, instead of greasing every month or so I now gotta do it once or even twice a day

Overall Review: Get a shadow or something NOT THIS!

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“Worst chain i ever had”

The Good: Lightweight

The Bad: stretched out and snapped in 2 weeks

Overall Review: I was ridin this chain for only 2 weeks before it snapped. A lot of my friends ran this chain and it didnt last them more than a month.

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“i did not like this chain”

The Good: its small, lightwieght, and the black one is rust-proof

The Bad: IT DOES NOT STOP STRETCHING! i rode this chain while at woodward for two weeks, and i constantly had a loose chain. I moved my wheel back, took links out, and even tried a bigger sprocket, but it always would hit my chainstay when i landed.

Overall Review: buy this chain if you ride incredibly overratio, because that would be your only way to ensure that it does not dent your chainstay

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Size 1/2" x 1/8"
Colors Teflon coated Black or Silver

0 lb 9.8 oz (279 g)

Miscellaneous High quality rounded side plates for compatibility with 8t and larger drivers. Half link design makes dialing in rear end length on small dropouts easier.
85 half links total.
Price N/A
More Info Stolen website