Shadow Conspiracy Interlock Chain Tool

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The Good:

Sturdy construction Nice grip

The Bad:

Pins break relatively easy

Overall Review:

If you know how to use this chainbreaker it is amazing, i have let people use mine and two pins have been broken, but i love this tool.

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Vital BMX member yoyvit
79648 yoyvit,79648/all 05/20/11,79648/setup 17

yeah its a legit chain tool

The Good:

really strong quality, it works super well, really strong quality especially with a shadow chain or with many other half link and single speed chains

The Bad:

nothing, super solid chain tool

Overall Review:

anyone who hates on this chain breaker is missing the point, shadow didnt make it and say that you need it to work on interlocks, they just made a solid chain tool that surpasses even those of park tool

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Vital BMX member Enduro27
89758 Enduro27 /images/default/avatar/c50.png,89758/all 01/22/12 1 6 14


Product Shadow Conspiracy Interlock Chain Tool
Riding Type
Chain Size
Weight N/A
Miscellaneous - Designed to work exclusively with the Shadow Interlock Chain
- Guide pin feature keeps the links in line when reinstalling
- Replaceable pin
- Long handles for ease of use
Price N/A
More Info Shadow Conspiracy website