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Shadow Conspiracy Interlock v2 Chain

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Shadow Conspiracy Interlock v2 Chain 109-06160_TSC_InterlockChainV2_PermaBlue
C70_109_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_permablue C70_tsc_interlockchainv2_copper C70_s600_20700803 C70_114_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_highpollished C70_105_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_white C70_102_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_red C70_126_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_purple C70_104_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_blue

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    “Great, and STRONG, STRONG, STRONG”

    The Good: This chain is so strong. I have the SUPREME version of this chain. It is quoted at the Shadow website as being capable of handling up to 1.5 tons of shear. The links are extremely burly and rugged. The SUPREME comes with forging and a whopping price (around 54 bucks!). THey stand up to everything but stretch quite a bit while breaking in.

    The Bad: This chain is so strong. Wait, didn't I say that above?! The bad thing about this is...that....I...broke...my...MTB....chain...tool...

    Overall Review:

    The chain comes super long with extra links in case your somehow snap it in 20 years. Measure twice, cut once!

    In a nutshell, here is what happened. I installed the chain. Whoops, too long. I got it out. Took one link off. Reinstalled. The wrong way. Took it off again. Reinstalled in the correct way. A link looked bent so I tried to replace it. Broke my chain tool doing so. Should have bought the Shadow Interlock Chain Tool. Now I have a plate that is a little bit bent on the underside, but apart from that, links and top are fine and straight.

    Do yourself a favor.

    1/Let a bike shop do it for you.

    2/Make you you have a real BMX-spec chain tool.

    The chain looks so strong that, even with my bent plate, I am hoping it will hold on. I mean, who can generate 1.5 tons of force?!?

    “Good Chain is Good”

    The Good: Strong Trendy Looks nice

    The Bad: Sometimes it makes random cracking noises (Twice a week) Rust (Get a colored one so it doesnt rust as fast) You have to spend an extra $20 on a chain breaker designed for only the chain

    Overall Review:

    The chain itself seems to do the trick just fine, but you will end up spending around $70 buying the chain + lube & and special chain breaker.

    Ps. The chain doesnt fit in the Odyssey MDS sprocket guard aka sandwich

    “Shit held up”

    The Good: Held up for almost 2 years , paint doesn't chip incredibly bad

    The Bad: once it starts coming apart its all over

    Overall Review:

    Had this chain for close to two years never snapped till about a month ago and ive probably ran it too tight its whole life , but it never stretched links or anything . Over this past summer i did notice the pins looked like they were starting to slip out of the links and it had about a month left after that before it was complete trash. overall great chain

    “great chain”

    The Good: its strong and it looks really smooth

    The Bad: it rusted so easy

    Overall Review:

    good chain exept for getting surface rust

    “Will Never Run Any Other Chain!!!”

    The Good: Strong, Never Snaps, Comes In Multiple Colors

    The Bad: Nothing that I can think of.

    Overall Review:

    I absolutely love this chain! I have been riding it for over a year now and have never had a single problem with it, I also ride really hard and I slam it on ledges all the time. I love it so much that I got a second one for my newest bike build. I run a white one and I actually get a lot of complements on it. Couldn't ask for a more reliable chain!

    “Shadow Conspiracy Interlock v2 Chain”

    The Good: Pretty strong chain

    The Bad: Might snap?

    Overall Review:

    I ride 4 pegs and don't ride a drive-side hub guard and I grind on that side a lot and I have never snapped this chain doing a grind, its head up very well. Although, before I rode 4 pegs I rode this chain and it would snap on me like crazy, maybe like once every 2 weeks.  Good luck buying this chain, either your going to get a great chain thats not going to snap, or your going to get a chain thats going to snap like crazy.


    The Good: very nice looking chain, amazing strength

    The Bad: i rode this for about a month and it chewed up all of my teeth on my driver.

    Overall Review:

    it is a great chain, but you have to have the perfect setup and know how to maintain it.


    Size 1/8"
    Colors Black, White, Crimson Red, Purple, Highlighter Blue, Silver, Gold, Perma Blue, Copper

    0 lb 11.3 oz (320 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Shadow Conspiracy website