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Shadow Conspiracy Interlock v2 Chain

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Shadow Conspiracy Interlock v2 Chain 109-06160_TSC_InterlockChainV2_PermaBlue
C70_109_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_permablue C70_tsc_interlockchainv2_copper C70_s600_20700803 C70_114_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_highpollished C70_105_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_white C70_102_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_red C70_126_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_purple C70_104_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_blue

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    Ran this chain for probably six months but ditched it, mostly because the links were rolling on the driver body instead of the cogs. Was only running odyssey 11t driver too. Also these chains do have a tendancy to stretch a little. other than that they seem to be nearly indestructable. Took a heap of abuse when I rode it. Few bad sprocket stalls and a couple feebles gone wrong etc. Solid as. Broke a sprocket before the chain would budge. Touch heavy but thats the trade off I guess.


    I have had this chain for a full year and with the proper chain maintainance, it's perfect. I originally got this chain when I switched to 28/10 gearing but from other reviews, it sounds like it'll work with 25/9. It's really strong and I love the adjustability so you can dial in your chain length. My only complaint is the price, it's almost $30 but worth it


    now i really don't want to jinx my self here but i haven't had one problem w/ this chain in 1year. i ride a 25/9 gearing and it hasn't broken yet.... i have put it through alot of stress and i have slamed it many of times... it still holds up even though it's a little strectched. if you put alot of stress on your chains and break them often, this is for you. don't worry about the weight because i'm pretty sure a little weight on ur bike is better than being in the hospitl because your chain snapped going up a lip of a jump


    Size 1/8"
    Colors Black, White, Crimson Red, Purple, Highlighter Blue, Silver, Gold, Perma Blue, Copper

    0 lb 11.3 oz (320 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Shadow Conspiracy website