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Shadow Conspiracy Interlock v2 Chain

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Shadow Conspiracy Interlock v2 Chain 109-06160_TSC_InterlockChainV2_PermaBlue
C70_109_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_permablue C70_tsc_interlockchainv2_copper C70_s600_20700803 C70_114_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_highpollished C70_105_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_white C70_102_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_red C70_126_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_purple C70_104_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_blue

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    “Easy to Fit without Shadow Chain Breaker”

    The Good: Easy to fit if you know what you are doing and have any kind of chain breaker. Shadow chain breaker not required but recommended. Nice quality stuff. The best eye candy out of all the chains on the market

    The Bad: 1 of the pins was really loose, you could move it around with your fingers, so i removed it from the chain and used a pin from the Extra links avaliable

    Overall Review: Its a chain, I dont really have an issue with them and ive been running KMC standard chains for most of my riding and decided to pick up a shadow. but it looks kick arse in colours/plain and the heat treated pins is definitely something to admire and have peace of mind with. Check your set for weak links before applying to your bike. Theres plenty of spare links included. Most chains snap under intense pressure when tightened to much, but this chain would prolly wreck your chainwheel and freewheel

    “Awsome chain so far”

    The Good: Had it for a while now and still hasnt broken or chiped, love the colors, not that heavy.

    The Bad: $35, hard to put on, messes up your sprocket now i cant run a full link.

    Overall Review: I love this chain its lasted longer then all my other chains the color is still really bright and i've landed on it grinding and it still hasnt broken.


    The Good: looks good, strong, love the colors

    The Bad: it was a huge pain to shorten and put together i broke two chain breakers but soooo worth it

    Overall Review: i just got it in white and its my first half-link and i love it

    “Why do people hate it?”

    The Good: i love it. Had mine for two years now. I admit it has a mish mosh of colors from other shadow chains and it broke a few times, but really, what chain doesnt break? It adds some color to your bike if thats what youre into, and its durable. Ive landed on mine plenty of times from grinds an stalls and it never broke from that. Really its worth the money, better than that DK Exo chain.

    The Bad: needs a strong chain breaker.

    Overall Review: Needs a strong chain breaker but once you have that, youll be all set. Especially since there are a ton of extra links included.

    “Its like baseball hit and miss”

    The Good: It held up for quite awhile and looks really good.

    The Bad: It snapped........ it really messed me up when it snapped, they hold tension until they snap.

    Overall Review: I would recommend it, but I personally will not ride one for awhile to come.

    “Best Chain Made”

    The Good: Stong, never snaps, comes in different colors, and lasts forever.

    The Bad: Nothing at all.

    Overall Review: I have had this chain for over a year and not once has it ever snapped or came off. It can take some slams without breaking.

    “best thing ever”

    The Good: + unbreakable if you pin it correctly + nice look

    The Bad: - not that light ( but also not too heavy ) - need a strong chainbreaker

    Overall Review: I put it on and ride for a year w/o care. It works great.


    Size 1/8"
    Colors Black, White, Crimson Red, Purple, Highlighter Blue, Silver, Gold, Perma Blue, Copper

    0 lb 11.3 oz (320 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Shadow Conspiracy website