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Shadow Conspiracy Interlock v2 Chain

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Shadow Conspiracy Interlock v2 Chain 109-06160_TSC_InterlockChainV2_PermaBlue
C70_109_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_permablue C70_tsc_interlockchainv2_copper C70_s600_20700803 C70_114_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_highpollished C70_105_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_white C70_102_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_red C70_126_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_purple C70_104_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_blue

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    The Good: half link, looks cool,strong as hell

    The Bad: crappy paint

    Overall Review: awesome chain got it in blue but my next one will be silver cuz it looks sooo cool

    “terrible chain”

    The Good: the colors

    The Bad: it eats the hell out of your driver and sproket, its heavy as hell, and cannot handle grind or stall abuse at all

    Overall Review: i really dont recommend this chain, if u want a good chain, get the KMC k710 sl,,,, its strong light and cheap


    The Good: Have never actually broke one

    The Bad: However i have stetched the shit out of every one i have had. i took one off my bike after about a year of riding, layed it flat on a desk and held one end tight, the other end could stretch in and out almost an inch!!!!! that makes for some sloppp in your drivetrain. also if you arent realy carefull you can f-up the links when you push the mushroomed pins thru. ( i know i should be using the master link that they give you but whatever ... id rather frustrate myself) the only time i have had this chain fail is from a messed up link ... totally my fault

    Overall Review: if they could come up with a way to stop them from stretching that would be awesome.

    “Don't Hate It Just Because You Cant Afford It”

    The Good: Thick as hell, i dont think you could break this. and the lil more weight too it tells you that you wont have to worry about breaking it

    The Bad: my drivers a lil worn out i had it put on and it would click,, and loud when it would make contact with each driver tooth.

    Overall Review: IF ANYONE HAS PROBLEMS WITH IT CLICKING CONSTANTLY, check out your driver, worn out teeth might be the problem. but thats not the chains fault.. Buy This!!


    The Good: beefy, looks dope, just got this in red, soo fresh

    The Bad: need a burly a** chain breaker, other than that nuna

    Overall Review: best chain out their, get it now!

    “SICK ASS FUCK!!!!!”

    The Good: strong ass hell..it doesent strech like other people say

    The Bad: nothing at all

    Overall Review: i recomend this chain to anyone it works sick and its strong so why not spend the money on this chain

    “V2 Needs no tool”

    The Good: The V2 does not need the special tool. Got mine on with no issues with a park tool chain breaker. Nice colors, super strong

    The Bad: so far I have had zero issues.

    Overall Review: Well, reading the reviews of people saying that theirs are stretching or crying that you need a special tool I just don't get. Got mine on with no special tool, and have had no stretching issues. Maybe some people should keep in mind that when swapping a chain from one bike to another the FRAMES MIGHT BE DIFFERENT SIZES and therefore ignorant, ill-informed, children should not be allowed to write reviews. If it stretches it hasn't happened for me and I beat the crap out of my chain. Sprocket grinds, stalls, it's what I do, and this chain with the MDS is a perfect fit for the abuse my set up takes

    “Is there a need to rate?”

    The Good: Tough, Durable, Light, Colorful

    The Bad: Really hard to break the chain if you don't speculate on which side of the links to break on....

    Overall Review: Hesitate no more upon this chain, I got this and no matter how slammed my chain was...its still good and I never worry doing tricks that needs to leave the bike...Thanks shadow!


    Size 1/8"
    Colors Black, White, Crimson Red, Purple, Highlighter Blue, Silver, Gold, Perma Blue, Copper

    0 lb 11.3 oz (320 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Shadow Conspiracy website