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Shadow Conspiracy Interlock v2 Chain

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Shadow Conspiracy Interlock v2 Chain 109-06160_TSC_InterlockChainV2_PermaBlue
C70_109_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_permablue C70_tsc_interlockchainv2_copper C70_s600_20700803 C70_114_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_highpollished C70_105_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_white C70_102_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_red C70_126_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_purple C70_104_06160_tsc_interlockchainv2_blue

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    “Sick Chains”

    The Good: Strong, many color choices

    The Bad: heavy but thats what you need in a chain : )

    Overall Review: I love this chain had it for about 3 months hit numerous times still good
    Overall Review: I love this chain had it for about 3 months hit numerous times still good

    “strong ass shit”

    The Good: its strong as anything, smooth, easy to adjust

    The Bad: kinda wierd grinding feeling when u pedal at first but once u ride it it adapts and it gets smooth as shite

    Overall Review: buy this shit it is strong as hell and it looks badass too defanatly buy it

    “i hate this chain so much”

    The Good: color is just about the best thing on this chain

    The Bad: i have had to udjust it about 6 times sence i have had it for about 3 months i have taken 4 links out and it just sucks always sretches it is teribale do not get it

    Overall Review: i hate this chain so much i dont even fell safe riding it i dont know why i got it but ya it sucks alot do not get it


    people who broke theirs probably just pushed the regular pins back in after breaking the chain. you NEED to use the master pins, or else the plates mushroom. one the plates mushroom, that link is garbage. i run it and love it. it is a pain in the ass to put on, but no need to worry after that.


    When I bought this chain I rode it like for 5 months and I broke one link only because my sprocket was crooked. I tried to break the pair to the broken link by bending it so I can take off the chain but I couldn't not even by hitting it with a skateboard! Until a friend came with a hammer and broke it for me after like 30 blows. I had to ride a normal KMC chain and it sucked! Even with a straight sprocket! I broke that sucker every single day! Until shit, I decided to fix my Shadow chain and I got it on and it's been good now for 7 months! With brakeless tiretaps and all it won't break. It's the best chain you could have


    Size 1/8"
    Colors Black, White, Crimson Red, Purple, Highlighter Blue, Silver, Gold, Perma Blue, Copper

    0 lb 11.3 oz (320 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Shadow Conspiracy website