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Alienation UL Wheels

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Alienation UL Wheels UL

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    “ultra light.”

    The Good: Ultra light. Super smooth.

    The Bad: Rim may be too thin?

    Overall Review: I've only had this wheel for about a week now, so I will be back later on with more. But for now it is staying straight and tight.. people have talked a lot of crap about front wheels like this. Truth is, from what I've seen out of it so far. You should never have a problem with it. Just try to land back wheel first instead of front or flat. That alone will take pretty much all the stress off of it. I can tell the rim itself probably won't hold up to someone that abuses their bike and throws it around ...that's pointless and only breaks parts.. I wouldn't over tighten the studs. The aluminum female axle would prob strip easy. I snugged mine down pretty tight And left it. It hasn't came loose yet. I will have more as I find it out. If I never write on it again. It cuz I've never had any problems.

    “yee, it's christmas niggahs!”

    The Good: deviant rim keeps it all light and strong.

    The Bad: dont know a damn thing about the tin man hub. but alienation is good with rims so maybe the hub is good?

    Overall Review: new product could take a minute for the quality to be reviewed?


    Rear Hub 36H 3/8” Tin Man
    Front Hub
    Rim 20” 36H Deviant
    Spokes 1.8/2.0 Double Butted Sandvik T302 stainless steel
    Nipples 12mm Alloy
    Colors All Black


    Price N/A
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