Cinema Tungsten RHD Rear Wheel

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Cinema Tungsten RHD Rear Wheel  tungsten_rear_black
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    “Okay wheel”

    The Good:

    The 777 rim holds up to most beatings. Nice sound ( I don't like anything to loud, it's a nice in between )

    The Bad:

    This hub does not take a beating. I had a bearing explode and the metal fragments chewed up all the internals.

    Overall Review:

    The hub didn't last long, but Cinema has some good reps working over there and they replaced the bearings and driver free of charge, even though it was outside of warranty. I would recommend Cinema as a brand just not this particular product.

    “Good rim, shit hub”

    The Good:

    The rim has held up well, no problems at all with that

    The Bad:

    The hardware on the hub was really cheap quality I thought. the spacers that came on it got deformed when I tightened the wheel into my frame, the driver randomly makes these deep grinding noises for what seems like no reason, snapped the axle just the other day

    Overall Review:

    I wouldn't recommend this wheel for anyone looking to put it to some heavy street use. I barely weigh 125 and have had the axle snap, the driver sieze up, and the hardware die on me.

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    Vital BMX member Hanni39
    44973 Hanni39,44973/all 05/31/09 16 9 7,44973/setup 2 60 3

    “Cinema Tungsten RHD Rear Wheel”

    The Good:

    loud cassette , bomb proof strengt ,nice looking

    The Bad:

    a litle heavy , tight the spokes when you get it

    Overall Review:

    great wheel , i love it

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    Vital BMX member kevinstreetbiker
    87905 kevinstreetbiker,87905/all 12/03/11 2 34 353 18,87905/setup 39 646 2 171 17 2


    Product Cinema Tungsten RHD Rear Wheel
    Riding Type
    Wheel Size
    Front Hub Construction N/A
    Front Axle
    Front Wheel Spoke Count
    Front Rim Width
    Rear Hub Construction Cinema Tungsten RHD
    Drive Style
    Rear Hub Axle
    Rear Wheel Spoke Count
    Rear Rim Width
    Drive Side
    Driver Size 9-tooth chromoly, 4-pawl, RHD driver
    Rims Cinema 777
    Colors Black, aqua, chrome, purple, red, white, and yellow
    Weight 2 lb 11.7 oz (1239 g)
    Price $189.99
    More Info

    Rim: Double-wall welded rim

    Material: 6061 aluminum hub shell

    Features: Available in both RHD and LHD versions

    Axle: 14mm heat-treated chromoly axle with 6mm internal hex

    Axle Nuts: 14mm threaded chromoly nuts (14x1 thread pitch)

    Driver: 9-tooth chromoly, 4-pawl, driver

    Driver Spring: Single wraparound spring (x1)

    Non-Driveside Cone: 23mm threaded alloy cone (x1)

    Driveside Cone: 23mm threaded steel nut (x1)

    Flange Offset From Center: 27mm

    Pitch Circle Diameter: 50mm

    Bearing Code: 6902 (x2)

    Spoke Length: 185mm

    Spoke Holes: 36 holes