Colony Contour Wheels

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Colony Contour Wheels wheels-contour-mix
C70_wheels_contour_mix C70_wheel_front_black_wbg C70_wheel_rear_male_black_wbg C70_wheel_rear_bolt_red_wbg C70_blkpol_group1 C70_wheel_rear_bolt_blue2_wbg C70_wheel_rear_bolt_purple2_wbg C70_blkpol_group2 C70_wheel_front_black_wbg C70_wheel_front_purple2_wbg C70_wheel_front_blue2_wbg C70_wheel_rear_male_black3_wbg C70_blkpol_group3 C70_wheel_rear_bolt_red2_wbg C70_wheel_rear_bolt_black3_wbg C70_wheel_rear_male_red3_wbg C70_wheel_rear_male_purple2_wbg C70_wheel_front_red2_wbg
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    “got both in wasabi!”

    The Good:

    everything. the hubs roll great and the back hub sounds amazing. extremely tough to bend.

    The Bad:

    my spokes bent due to grinding without a hubguard, but after i put one on it's all good.

    Overall Review:

    10 outta 10. good, light, strong.

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    Vital BMX member marianoleonczik
    75336 marianoleonczik,75336/all 02/08/11 1,75336/setup 90 524 31 10 15


    Product Colony Contour Wheels
    Rear Hub Clone (male axle or female bolt available)
    Front Hub Clone
    Rim Contour
    Spokes Stainless steel - black
    Driver Standard with 9T driver with polymer bushing.
    Colors Purple, Red, Blue, Polished, Black and Black/Polished

    2 lb 7.8 oz (1.1 kg)

    Price N/A
    More Info Colony website