Colony Contour Wheels

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Colony Contour Wheels wheels-contour-mix
C70_wheels_contour_mix C70_wheel_front_black_wbg C70_wheel_rear_male_black_wbg C70_wheel_rear_bolt_red_wbg C70_blkpol_group1 C70_wheel_rear_bolt_blue2_wbg C70_wheel_rear_bolt_purple2_wbg C70_blkpol_group2 C70_wheel_front_black_wbg C70_wheel_front_purple2_wbg C70_wheel_front_blue2_wbg C70_wheel_rear_male_black3_wbg C70_blkpol_group3 C70_wheel_rear_bolt_red2_wbg C70_wheel_rear_bolt_black3_wbg C70_wheel_rear_male_red3_wbg C70_wheel_rear_male_purple2_wbg C70_wheel_front_red2_wbg
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    got both in wasabi!

    The Good:

    everything. the hubs roll great and the back hub sounds amazing. extremely tough to bend.

    The Bad:

    my spokes bent due to grinding without a hubguard, but after i put one on it's all good.

    Overall Review:

    10 outta 10. good, light, strong.

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    Vital BMX member marianoleonczik
    75336 marianoleonczik,75336/all 02/08/11 1,75336/setup 90 524 31 10 15


    Product Colony Contour Wheels
    Riding Type Freestyle
    Type Wheelset
    Wheel Size 20"
    Front Hub Construction Clone
    Front Axle 3/8"
    Front Wheel Spoke Count 36H
    Front Rim Width
    Rear Hub Construction Clone (male axle or female bolt available)
    Drive Style Rear Freewheel
    Rear Hub Axle
    Rear Wheel Spoke Count 36H
    Rear Rim Width
    Drive Side
    Driver Size
    Rims Contour
    Colors Purple, Red, Blue, Polished, Black and Black/Polished
    Weight 2 lb 7.8 oz (1127 g)
    Price N/A
    More Info

    Colony website