Colony Rear Pintour Wheels

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    strong, does what its meant to do

    The Good:

    light and sounds good if your into that very strong but it does skip

    The Bad:

    the rim is pinned and there are limited hubguard options but they do work well

    Overall Review:

    i really like the colour and the sound but the rim is pinned but it is strong so it is pretty good

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    Vital BMX member aussiebmxer
    111743 aussiebmxer,111743/all 05/26/14 15,111743/setup 58 502 38 3

    colony wasp

    The Good:

    sounds great and looks good also durable

    The Bad:

    i have been looking all morning since about 5 am and still looking to see if the rim is single walled double walled or triple walled. i really want to know because i am getting a set of the colony wasp hubs with the pintour rims on danscomp but it isnt telling me what i need to know. if you find out let me know. thanks

    Overall Review:

    other than not really being able to find all of the info on the hub and rim. still hear really good things about it so yah if u got the money or are willing to spend like i am go for it

    great wheel

    The Good:

    shemale axle oil slick hub lots of compliments sounds like the premium stinger

    The Bad:

    cant put on chain gaurd or hub gaurd because shemale axle but possible

    Overall Review:

    my friend rides this wheel and he is a sponsered pro

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    Vital BMX member dawson
    112481 dawson,112481/all 08/06/14 4


    Product Colony Rear Pintour Wheels
    Riding Type Freestyle
    Type Rear
    Wheel Size
    Front Hub Construction N/A
    Front Axle N/A
    Front Wheel Spoke Count N/A
    Front Rim Width N/A
    Rear Hub Construction Wasp Hub Female RHD Version
    Drive Style Rear Cassette
    Rear Hub Axle 14mm
    Rear Wheel Spoke Count
    Rear Rim Width
    Drive Side
    Driver Size 9T
    Rims Pintour
    Colors Black & Black Rim with Rainbow Hub.
    Weight 2 lb 10.2 oz (1196 g)
    Price N/A
    More Info

    Colony BMX