Demolition Bulimia/ Zero Wheels

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    Best front wheel ever.

    The Good:

    Everything. It's durable as hell, bearings last forever, looks sexy. Has over sized bolts so they wont strip.

    The Bad:

    Literally nothing at all.

    Overall Review:

    I've had this wheel since July and I've never had a problem with it. Really can't go wrong with Demolition. If you're looking for a good front wheel that will take a beating and still last forever, this is it.

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    Vital BMX member Noah_McKee
    110728 Noah_McKee /images/default/avatar/c50.png,110728/all 03/11/14 9 9 1 4

    Best front rim i think

    The Good:

    This wheel is awesome! it spins for ever, easy to take apart, spokes stay tight, its pretty light, it looks awesome (especially how the rim is like a black chrome) and it takes a beating, i grind without hub guards and the spokes look barely touched

    The Bad:

    the bolts it comes with arent the best, feel like plastic almost and also the bearings need to be cleaned out every once in awhile or it will start making noise

    Overall Review:

    makes the best front rim

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    Vital BMX member Mike_Rice38
    91782 Mike_Rice38,91782/all 03/20/12 2 9 5

    super sickk

    The Good:

    look nice, light, spoke havnt gotten loose yet they take a pretty good beating

    The Bad:

    nothing i can think of really

    Overall Review:

    it's sick and it is amazing with the premium fyb forks

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    Vital BMX member skate&bmx4life
    82006 skate&bmx4life,82006/all 07/08/11,82006/setup 5


    The Good:

    can take a hella beating, super stiff......loooks really really sick....if i spin my front hub in a front hub spinning contest this one spins the longest, such a sweet frront

    The Bad:

    kinda heavy, not really only if your a puss

    Overall Review:

    overall its pretty amazing front wheel, great for all your front wheel needs

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    Vital BMX member Rhueisgooey
    89203 Rhueisgooey,89203/all 01/07/12 2 6,89203/setup 20 24 5 5


    Product Demolition Bulimia/ Zero Wheels
    Riding Type
    Wheel Size 20"
    Front Hub Construction Bulimia: 6061 AL. Shell w/ 3/8 heat treated axle
    Front Axle 3/8"
    Front Wheel Spoke Count 36H
    Front Rim Width
    Rear Hub Construction
    Drive Style
    Rear Hub Axle
    Rear Wheel Spoke Count 36H
    Rear Rim Width
    Drive Side
    Driver Size
    Rims Zero: 36h Double Walled w/ 2 Vertical Ribs and welded seam
    Colors Black/ Black
    Weight 2 lb 1.5 oz (950 g)
    Price N/A
    More Info

    Demolition website