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Demolition Rogue/ Zero Wheels

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Demolition Rogue/ Zero Wheels IMG_2883
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    “Everything you need, nothing you don't.”

    The Good: Strong, smooth, light, easy maintenance.

    The Bad: Bearing driver instead of bushing.

    Overall Review: Got this a little bit ago, haven't had it too long, but it's holding up great at this point. The allen keyed axle is great for making adjustments and installing the hub guard demo makes for it... the engagement's really consistent, no skips yet, and the wheel is super light. Everyone knows Zero's are strong as hell, and the hub does everything it needs to while saving tons of weight. I'm a heavy guy (always at least 180) and it's holding up to icepicks and feebles just fine so far. I've been seeing and hearing mixed things about the bushing drivers so I decided to just stick w/ an old fashioned bearing driver, but they do blow out sometimes, but that's to be expected... I'll just fix it if/when it happens. However, like with any new factory assembled wheelset, I went to tighten up the nipples, and unlike any set I've ever seen, all of the screws on the backside of the nipples looked like crap... some were stripped, others had just been scratched like crazy. I had to use a spoke wrench which I like to avoid using... at least it came w/ Demo's super thick rim strip. Other than that it's dialed and I love this wheel.


    Rear Hub Rogue: 6061 Al Shell. Heat Treated 14mm Axle. 2 large bearings in shell
    Front Hub
    Rim Zero: 36h Double Walled w/ 2 Vertical Ribs and welded seam
    Spokes 14g Stainless Steel
    Nipples Brass
    Driver 3 Sealed Precision Bearings in Driver. Available in 9t and 10t. LHD or RHD
    Colors Black/ Black

    2 lb 6.6 oz (1.1 kg)

    Price N/A
    More Info Demolition website