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Haro 25/9 Conversion Kit Wheels

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
Haro 25/9 Conversion Kit Wheels ri-1

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    “want one so bad”

    The Good: want it in green

    The Bad: i cant seem to find one anywere

    Overall Review:

    i have been looking for this wheel since i started biking and i cant find it anywere does anyone know where to get one

    “nice backup wheel”

    The Good: it rides smooth, sounds great

    The Bad: its a little on the heaver side

    Overall Review: i got this after i blew out my stock wheel, it was the quick fix but i was suprised how good the wheel was

    “Good lasting rim !”

    The Good: This rear rim rides smooth and its really good for those who ride crazy.

    The Bad: Nothings wrong with it.

    Overall Review: This rim lasted on me for 2 years and now its time to get a new one.

    “a wheel from GOD!”

    The Good: every thang

    The Bad: the spokes are thin/:

    Overall Review: me and my friends have been passing this wheel around for about 2 years now kinda like a back up wheel and it has held up awsome(: after all the damage and work we put on it the onlt thang thats happend is a broken spoke. screw profile they aint got nothen on this(:

    “Amazing rear wheel”

    The Good: Held up threw everything I've done, big ass stair sets and what not

    The Bad: Sprockets thin and bends easy, get a different 25t sprocket w/ this kit

    Overall Review: Amazing wheel, best rear wheel I've ever had


    Rear Hub Sealed Bearings w/ Hollow chromoly axle
    Front Hub
    Rim Doulble wall rim
    Spokes Black spokes with matching black nipples
    Nipples Black spokes with matching black nipples
    Driver 9t
    Colors Black, Chrome, Blue, Gold, Red &Green


    Miscellaneous This wheel comes with a 25t Sprocket that matches the wheel. This is the all in one kit to convert your bike to a 25/9 set up so you don't have a dinner plate as a sprocket any more.
    Price N/A
    More Info Haro website