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Mission Echo Front Wheels

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Mission Echo Front Wheels wheel_echo_gld
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    “Mission Echo”

    The Good: Rim, Weight

    The Bad: Axel, Spokes

    Overall Review:

    Not very good wheel. the axel bent AND stripped really easily. spokes were loose when it came. Only get it if your on a very low budget

    “Mission ECHO front wheel”

    The Good: its a front wheel, its pretty stiff,pretty stong, can take a good beating

    The Bad: the axel in mine stripped after a couple months, had to replace it

    Overall Review: its pretty good for the low price, but wanna get an axel upgrade

    “Fresh so far”

    The Good: Smooth ride, Sealed hub, light, also pretty strong.

    The Bad: Hollow Axle, (don't nose dive)

    Overall Review: This rim is all out good so far, I mean the downside is the hollow axle.If you grind with a peg do not get screw on pegs because it's a definitive bend. Other then that it rides smooth, also comes with a Alienation Black Sheep rim which is pretty cool.

    “Mission Echo front wheel”

    The Good: Good rim light

    The Bad: The hub is kinda of crappy and the axle is hollow axle

    Overall Review: Its a good wheel for a beginners wheel, at a cheap price.


    Rear Hub
    Front Hub 36h Mission Echo hub
    Rim Alienation Black Sheep double wall rim
    Spokes Stainless steel spokes
    Nipples Brass nipples
    Colors Black, Gold, Blue, Red

    1 lb 14 oz (850 g)

    Miscellaneous NOW AVAILABLE IN 18"
    Price N/A
    More Info Mission website