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Mission React Rear Wheels

Average User Rating: (Very Good)
Mission React Rear Wheels wheel_18_react
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    “Mission React”

    The Good: Rim, Hub, Colors

    The Bad: There is nothing specificly, its just all around not the highest end wheel.

    Overall Review:

    Pretty good wheel. havnt had any problems.

    “Awesome wheel”

    The Good: Everything, not to heavy (doesn't matter to me, I'm not a weight hog), good sound, sturdy hub, odyssey internals so u can use odyssey drivers on it, if u want a female axle the odyssey conversion kit works on it, spins well, strong rim, cheap

    The Bad: nothing at all

    Overall Review:

    this came on my 2012 kink liberty and i have had it for about a year now with no problems, i'm an all around riding who is hard on my wheels and this has held up great, i do alot of grinds too, not much else to say

    i definitely recommend this wheel, especially if ur on a budget

    “Awesome hub”

    The Good: i love this hub comes in rhd lhd simple reliable

    The Bad: Driver bearings but most hubs that run 6802's blow so its common and a cheap fix

    Overall Review:

    I have this hub in the lhd version to a primo hula hoop i love this more than my profile this hub hasnt blown in vigorous landing flats and overly tight chains so i love it my profile hub was nothing but issues i say get it

    “Decent Wheel for the Money”

    The Good: Price Uses Odyssey style Drivers Also available in 18" for the kids Hub is pretty good and is somewhat loud Very thin lube inside Doesn't get much louder than it is stock and it will last longer if you leave the lube inside LHD

    The Bad: My hubshell got worn out on the inside, but this is caused by chain not being aligned and too tight to cause uneven pressure Pinned Rim and not welded

    Overall Review: This came on my 2013 Kink Transition in LHD and as of right now it has a slight bend and hop so I need to get it trued at the bike shop. I trued the front one pretty well, but I am not going to risk screwing it up for the rear. People say it's best to have a welded seam in the back, but for a beginner to intermediate rider this should do the trick. But you have to make sure you true it every now and then and check for spoke tightness. Good deal for the money if you are on a budget. The hub has a decent sound to it and no need to wipe any grease out of it because it only comes with a very small amount of light lube inside. ALSO THE SAME HUB AS STOLEN ROULETTE

    “good wheel good price”

    The Good: its loud with odyssey 1 pc cassette driver and good rims

    The Bad: am still riding it after 1 year notting but the axle striping

    Overall Review: i like it alot and good price

    “Good for its price”

    The Good: the price, the rim, color choices, pretty light weight

    The Bad: the hub has alot of slop, no hollow axel

    Overall Review: pretty decent for only $100, i ride mostly trails and a bit of park, the rim is plenty strong for my uses and the hub supposedly uses odyssey internals. THE ODYSSEY FEMALE CONVERSION KIT WILL WORK FOR THIS HUB! I have installed the conversion on mine.

    “Fresh Rim (Considered)”

    The Good: Loud Hub, Strong,

    The Bad: Nothing that I found out so far!

    Overall Review: Great rim, very loud which I personally love. Durable lasts awhile I think whoever broke this should either lose some weight or take it easy with the slamming, because this rim should last anyone, everyone awhile, also looks bad ass!

    “Complete rims”

    The Good: Its loud and lasts and has a great rim

    The Bad: nothing at all

    Overall Review: Buddy has this and its last him all summer exspecially from casing bad. Pretty awsome trail rider so he does ride hard.


    Rear Hub 36h Mission React cassette hub
    Front Hub
    Rim Alienation Black Sheep double wall rim
    Spokes Stainless steel spokes
    Nipples Brass Nipples
    Driver Sealed 9t driver
    Colors Black, Gold, Blue, Red, Black w/ Gold Hub

    2 lb 10.3 oz (1.2 kg)

    Miscellaneous NOW AVAILABLE IN 18"
    Price N/A
    More Info Mission website