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Nitrous Double Shot Front Wheel

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Nitrous Double Shot Front Wheel Wheel Front Nitrous DS Hot Blue
C70_wheel_front_nitrous_ds_hot_blue C70_wheel_front_nitrous_ds_hot_blue_angled C70_wheel_front_nitrous_ds_matte_flatinum C70_wheel_front_nitrous_ds_matte_flatinum_angled_lores C70_wheel_front_nitrous_ds_matte_black_lores C70_wheel_front_nitrous_ds_matte_gold_angled_lores C70_wheel_front_nitrous_ds_matte_gold_lores C70_wheel_front_nitrous_ds_matte_purple_angled_lores C70_wheel_front_nitrous_ds_matte_purple_lores C70_wheel_front_nitrous_ds_matte_red_angled_lores C70_wheel_front_nitrous_ds_matte_blue_angled_lores C70_wheel_front_nitrous_ds_matte_gun_metal_grey_angled_lores C70_wheel_front_nitrous_ds_matte_black_angled_lores C70_wheel_front_nitrous_ds_matte_gun_metal_grey_lores

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“not to bad”

The Good: light wight, sick ass colors, ok with pegs lasted over a year of abuse

The Bad: shot the berings by landing wrong

Overall Review: good rim but need to be an experience grinder for pegs or you'll bend the axle

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“Actuly thought it would be worse”

The Good: light, looks good other than long axles, sealed, havent bent it yet but thats probobly because I run no pegs.

The Bad: long axle, no chrome,

Overall Review: Its alright i bought it when i first started biking but now i still have it almost a 8 months later with no problems yet

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“i like it”

The Good: it strong and it pretty light and has some sick colors

The Bad: i haven't had any thing wrong with it

Overall Review: i just bought it off my friend and i love it. its way lighter then the redline one i was riding

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Rear Hub N/A
Front Hub Low-Profile Seald Bearing w/ 3/8" Axle
Rim 36H Double Wall Alloy
Spokes 14g Stainless Steel
Nipples Brass
Driver N/A
Colors Matte Black, Matte Gold, Matte Blue, Matte Flatinum, Matte Red, Matte Purple, Matte Hot Blue, Matte Grey

1 lb 14 oz (850 g)

Miscellaneous Nitrous Nylon Rubber Coated Rim Strip Installed
Price N/A
More Info Nitrous website