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Nitrous Double Shot Rear Wheel

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Nitrous Double Shot Rear Wheel Wheel Rear Nitrous DS Hot Blue Angled
C70_wheel_rear_nitrous_ds_hot_blue_angled C70_wheel_rear_nitrous_ds_hot_blue C70_wheel_rear_nitrous_ds_matte_flatinum C70_wheel_rear_nitrous_ds_matte_flatinum_angled_lores C70_wheel_rear_nitrous_ds_matte_gun_metal_grey_lores C70_wheel_rear_nitrous_ds_matte_gun_metal_grey_angled_lores C70_wheel_rear_nitrous_ds_matte_black_lores C70_wheel_rear_nitrous_ds_matte_black_angled_lores C70_wheel_rear_nitrous_ds_matte_gold_lores C70_wheel_rear_nitrous_ds_matte_gold_angled_lores C70_wheel_rear_nitrous_ds_matte_red_lores C70_wheel_rear_nitrous_ds_matte_red_angled_lores C70_wheel_rear_nitrous_ds_matte_purple_lores C70_wheel_rear_nitrous_ds_matte_purple_angled_lores C70_wheel_rear_nitrous_ds_matte_blue_lores C70_wheel_rear_nitrous_ds_matte_blue_angled_lores

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    “nitrous double shot”

    The Good: its the same thing as an eastern birectional complete wheel, but it just doesnt switch drive side. its a good price.

    The Bad: not the strongest set up, especially not rim.

    Overall Review: its okay, i wouldnt buy it, but if your a beginner this would be great.

    “nitrous double shot”

    The Good: looks pretty, simple, good price, not super light but not heavy. does the job . for the price it is amazing

    The Bad: the spokes not the best

    Overall Review: great rim for everything, not expensive and u get a good, strong, light rim. i ride really hard dirty style and it is holding like a champ.

    “Nitrous Double Shot”

    The Good: Rim & Hub Strong

    The Bad: Spokes - buy a hubguard if you're gonna grind. i snapped 16 of them-.-

    Overall Review: strong rim & hub, had them for around a year now, was a pain in the ass till i got it relaced with some halo spokes and bought a primo dsg hubguard, now it works a treat. still a 5 star because it was mainly my fault that the spokes snapped


    Rear Hub Nitrous Sealed Bearing Cassette w/ 9T Driver & 14mm Axle
    Front Hub N/A
    Rim 36H Double Wall Alloy
    Spokes 14g Stainless Steel
    Nipples Brass
    Driver 9T
    Colors Matte Black, Matte Gold, Matte Blue, Matte Flatinum, Matte Red, Matte Purple, Matte Hot Blue, Matte Grey

    2 lb 8 oz (1.1 kg)

    Miscellaneous Nitrous Nylon Rubber Coated Rim Strip Installed
    Price N/A
    More Info Nitrous website