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Odyssey Hazard Rear Wheel Wheels

Average User Rating: (Excellent)
Odyssey Hazard Rear Wheel Wheels Hazard Rear Wheel

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“This Wheel Is Legit”

The Good: Strong hub and wheel.. it looks really good

The Bad: i really dont like the driver. it has a wrap around spring and it would be alot better if it had individual springs for each pawl

Overall Review:

Solid wheel i would deffinately reccomend it.. i have the 48 hole version and it sooo strong. but i really hope they redesign a new and better driver and bring the price of it down

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“odyssey hazard rim”

The Good: spokes were decent

The Bad: rim bent, had it trued back up then busted bearings and the axle on the side i was grinding snapped like a hot knife through butter

Overall Review: these rims are junk had it maybe 6 months and it was all down hill from the opening of the box

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“Odyssey hazard rim”

The Good: the rim is good, hasnt bent at all

The Bad: the hub is shit,ive had it for less then 1 month and it makes clanking sounds, ive had a stock hub for nearly a year and it hasnt made any sounds

Overall Review: not a good hub but alright rim i suppose

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“Horrible and sucky”

The Good: the hub is strong and not really shitty

The Bad: The rim and spokes are shit

Overall Review: I find it really bad i went to do a 540 air and the rim went FUBAR when I landed I would reccomend the tpl wall

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“not too bad”

The Good: the rim is good.

The Bad: hub skips. odyssey replaces the driver and it still skipped.

Overall Review: good wheel for the money. but you get what you pay for. i went ahead and spent the money and got a profile.

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“Super good wheel ”

The Good: Build to last i have beat the hell out of mine

The Bad: I broke the air chamber in the rim

Overall Review: very good wheel I kill all of my parts but this wheel stands up to what I put it through if i cant kill it neither can you

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“i have the odyssey v3 cassette hub ”

The Good: i have the cassette driver it never skips sweet hub

The Bad: the spokes are shite i had the wheel 1day and it already buckled :/

Overall Review: i like it man im just gona get it respoked with some red vocale spokes

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Rear Hub
Front Hub
Miscellaneous INFO:
Tried and true Hazard Cassette paired up with the Hazard Lite. Chrome or Hard anodize Black Rim. Removable cogs. RHD 11/10 One piece Drivers sold seperately

MSRP: $?
Featured color: black
Price N/A
More Info Odyssey website