Stolen EasyStreet FreeCoaster Wheels (discontinued)

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
Stolen EasyStreet FreeCoaster Wheels wheels_Clipped
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    The Good:

    its so light for a freecoaster it has been reliable for me

    The Bad:

    slipped a few times but wasent bad also it needs more slack! i tried to 180 a 9 set and it caught right away and i got a concussion but other than that i love this rim

    Overall Review:

    its great has a few flaws but so does every freecoaster

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    Vital BMX member easternbiker2
    58911 easternbiker2,58911/all 03/16/10 1 2

    “stolens badass freecoaster”

    The Good:

    well its light for a coaster,and it is my first.i love this wheel.the rim is amazing.i bought this used and theres no scraches,and i think he left the slack the way it came.its kinda hard to get used to . i need to change the slack becsause i dont have much room to play with my feet.

    The Bad:

    slack isnt very good right now but it can b fixed

    Overall Review:

    great! id buy it again if it got stolen(no pun intended) or broke. get it and try it out

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    Vital BMX member skinnyboy34
    52579 skinnyboy34,52579/all 10/23/09 1 3 1 9 3


    Product Stolen EasyStreet FreeCoaster Wheels
    Riding Type
    Wheel Size
    Front Hub Construction N/A
    Front Axle
    Front Wheel Spoke Count
    Front Rim Width
    Rear Hub Construction Stolen EasyStreet FreeCoaster
    Drive Style
    Rear Hub Axle
    Rear Wheel Spoke Count
    Rear Rim Width
    Drive Side
    Driver Size 10t Chromoly, RHD only
    Rims Stolen Roulette Double Wall
    Colors Black, Gang Green, Neon Orange, White
    Weight 2 lb 12 oz (1247 g)
    Price N/A
    Miscellaneous Roulette Easy Street hub hand laced to a Roulette rim
    More Info Stolen website