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Stolen EasyStreet FreeCoaster Wheels (discontinued)

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
Stolen EasyStreet FreeCoaster Wheels wheels_Clipped

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The Good: its so light for a freecoaster it has been reliable for me

The Bad: slipped a few times but wasent bad also it needs more slack! i tried to 180 a 9 set and it caught right away and i got a concussion but other than that i love this rim

Overall Review: its great has a few flaws but so does every freecoaster

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“stolens badass freecoaster”

The Good: well its light for a coaster,and it is my first.i love this wheel.the rim is amazing.i bought this used and theres no scraches,and i think he left the slack the way it came.its kinda hard to get used to . i need to change the slack becsause i dont have much room to play with my feet.

The Bad: slack isnt very good right now but it can b fixed

Overall Review: great! id buy it again if it got stolen(no pun intended) or broke. get it and try it out

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Rear Hub Stolen EasyStreet FreeCoaster
Front Hub N/A
Rim Stolen Roulette Double Wall
Spokes 36 pcs Black
Nipples Black Brass
Driver 10t Chromoly, RHD only
Colors Black, Gang Green, Neon Orange, White

2 lb 12 oz (1.2 kg)

Miscellaneous Roulette Easy Street hub hand laced to a Roulette rim
Price N/A
More Info Stolen website