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Stolen Revolver Wheels

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Stolen Revolver  Wheels 2010STLNrevolverwheelsgroup
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    “Do not buy -_-”

    The Good: Look nice, my front hub spins for ages, cheap.

    The Bad: The rims bend and dent easily. The spokes are shit. The back hub isnt fully sealed.

    Overall Review:

    After about 2 months of riding this wheel spokes snapped and bent. and then to my surprise it wasnt the spokes that had snapped... it was the nipples.. they had been ripped out of the shitty rim. yes theyre cheap but if you buy cheap then you buy twice.


    The Good: NOTHING IS GOOD! The only good part is you get to spend more on your phone bill calling stolen about the hub breaking a week later and they will do nothing about it!

    The Bad: The rim is decent, but the hub is just plain horrible. It broke after a month and stolen will do nothing about it they have the worst customer service there do not buy this rim unless you want it to break

    Overall Review:

    This is a horrible product!

    “Hub is shit”

    The Good: Looks nice and quite light

    The Bad: Hub is complete shit

    Overall Review:

    I'm not a hard rider at all I can't even three yet and I've only had the rear wheel for like 3 months but the hub on that wheel is a piece of shit it broke so easily a load of the bearings had snapped and there were these weird metal rings on the axle that were disintegrating my friend then put a magnet inside my hub and iron filings came out of it that should not happen to any hub and now it has ceased up

    “Live up to their name, nothing more.”

    The Good: Cool looks, low price, wide spokes give a solid feel.

    The Bad: Poorly fused seem. Horrible lacing from factory. low end bearings.

    Overall Review:

    These wheels came on my bike. As soon as I got on the bike, it was obvious the wheels needed tightening. After a good true, retightening the preload nuts and regreasing the cassette, these wheels are serving me pretty good still. I'm 200lb+ but not a hard rider. The seems are poorly matched,no welds,looks like low heat was used.. Just your cheap basic wheel. I wouldnt select one as a new wheel,but I would keep the front as a backup. The rear revolver is too heavy for most bikes though and theres such a fine line between gravel and sloppy joe regarding adjusting the bearings.

    “Cheap but not good”

    The Good: It has average price for its quality and its ok to begin riding with one of these and comes with nice colors and the casette does a good sound

    The Bad: Breaks easily even if you don't do any tricks. loose bearings can easily be disorganised.

    Overall Review:

    Both the front and the rear cassette hub its one of the worst in seen and can easily be destroyed. The rim even though its doublewall can bent quite easy even if you don't do any hard work. Its good for a beginner but as soon as you learn to manage more tricks you should consider buying something else.

    “Good for riding off a curb”

    The Good: Its a set of wheels

    The Bad: Hub broke on me, snapped the steel spokes, rid dents way to easy. unsealed. bent both axles in 2 months.

    Overall Review:

    If all your going to do with a bike is ride it to someones house, then these are the wheels for you.


    The Good: Look super cool. pretty loud. didn't really skip.

    The Bad: Axles bend easy as hell. rims bent easy as hell. spokes came loose when i got the wheels.

    Overall Review:

    I had to tighten up the spokes a lot and true them after a week. but after that, they never bent again. axle bent real easy, but i didn't care. still was able to roll.

    “Shit Wheels, I'll Be Honest”

    The Good: They're cheap, matte and have a heat treated axle.

    The Bad: Semi-sealed and rims got bent after six months.

    Overall Review:

    They're cheap but I would spend more money and get something that will last.

    “GREAT budget wheels”

    The Good: light colors looks strong cheap

    The Bad: weak rear hub chipping paint

    Overall Review: Loved these rims. until i got new ones. traded the rear wheel to a friend and 2 months later the hub blew out. Great for the price. Tempting to buy them again.

    “alright i guess”

    The Good: the good is it lasts for a little

    The Bad: spokes get really loose

    Overall Review: idk it is good for like two months but im still riding it but u should get a spoke wrench if you get this


    Rear Hub KT Q-Lite Semi-Sealed 9t Cassette w/ 14mm Heat-treated Axle
    Front Hub Joytech Sealed w/ 3/8
    Rim Stolen Revolver Double Wall
    Spokes 36 pcs. Black
    Nipples Black Brass
    Driver 9t 1-pc Chromoly w/ inverted 4 pawl system
    Colors Matte Black, Matte Electric Blue, Matte Electric Red


    Miscellaneous Front Weight; 31.2oz (884g), Rear Weight; 45.7oz (1295g), KT Q-Lite semi-sealed cassette hub hand laced to a Revolver rim
    Price N/A
    More Info Stolen website