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Haro Sub-C Cranks Cranks (discontinued)

Average User Rating: (Very Good)
Haro Sub-C Cranks Cranks Sub-C Cranks

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    The Good: Strong, cheap durable.

    The Bad: nothing really.

    Overall Review: These cranks came on my 2007 haro and they have lasted me ever since, the i gave them to my friend because his broke (as he is really sketchy and maniges to bend, crack or snap every bike part he owns) and hes been running them for like a year now, best cranks money can buy! haha

    “it is just good enough”

    The Good: My 2002 haro Backtrailx3 came with them. they are easy to take apart, easy to service.

    The Bad: these flexes like crazy. I know that because I thought it was the pedals and changed them out with shimano pdmx30's back then and didn't help much so I knew it was the cranks flexing. The pinch bolts has to be tightened atleast once a week.

    Overall Review: If it comes with the bike they are good enough. Look elsewhere if you want decent cranks.

    “ok cranks for beginners”

    The Good: strong enough for me but too freakin long

    The Bad: I don't know

    Overall Review: ok, mine are too long, pretty strong they haven't broken yet and the paint does not wear down on mine well at least not yet but they are ok


    i've never bought aftermarket from haro just had stock. All i've really ended up with were broken parts. Best thing i ever had from haro was a frame which was half decent


    Crank Arm Construction
    Crank Arm Materials
    Crank Arm Lengths
    Drive Side



    -100% 4130 tubular tapered Crmo arms
    -4130 Crmo 8-spline spindle
    -One piece head / pinch bolts design
    -Sealed bearing standard B.B. set
    -Sizes available: 140, 165, 175 & 180mm
    -Left side drive compatible in 175 & 180mm only

    MSRP: $?
    Featured color: black

    Price N/A
    More Info Haro website