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DK Social Cranks

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
DK Social  Cranks dk_social_cranks_black1
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    “Loving these cranks!!”

    The Good: I bought these cranks at a really good price. They were easy to install. Stiff as hell. Run Smooth!

    The Bad: I should have got them sooner.

    Overall Review:

    A great pair of cranks and they won't put a dent in your wallet.


    The Good: Strong Light Cheap

    The Bad: Bolts aren't the best (round easy) Hard to remove

    Overall Review:

    Brought these NOS (New Old Stock) off of eBay for just short of £60 Absolute bargain!! They're chrome and look amazing! take a beating to, grinds aren't even touching the chrome they're that well made!! Definitely recommend these cranks now they're cheap to buy!

    “Almost Too Strong”

    The Good: Strong Tough Paint Minimal flex

    The Bad: Bent Spindle Splines can strip

    Overall Review: Came on my 09 dk effect. They stood up to some abuse for a good 2 years. After learning how to grind and some mishaps the spindle eventually bent and I some how stripped some splines in a crank arm. But overall good cranks.

    “dk social cranks - win !”

    The Good: pretty much everythin

    The Bad: the bolts round off really easily and theyre a real bitch to get on and off :-/

    Overall Review: ive been runnin these cranks for about 4 months now and theyre holdin up pretty good, really strong, dont make no creaking noises etc...but they took a while to get on an have also came lose a few times and the bolts are pretty poo too, round off way too easily

    “Great Cranks”

    The Good: Comes in different lengths for your liking.

    The Bad: Few colors offered but, its made up by the strength and lengths

    Overall Review: Great cranks offered for the price. Strong, pretty light, good variety of lengths. Get them :D

    “got these in white 180 mm”

    The Good: easy installation strong dont flex like previous sets and powdercoated so the colour lasts better

    The Bad: worked loose 3 times when i first got them but was just wearing themselves in and are all good now

    Overall Review: really good cranks for a really cheap price. what i call value for money.

    “got these in 170”

    The Good: been riden them about 6 monthes, and they feel great,i love how they are so short at 170mm.

    The Bad: none at all

    Overall Review: i landed on my crank arm hard doing a feeble grind and my peg slipped off and landed straight on the cobcrete ledge. barly scratched them lol. i love them id recommand them


    Crank Arm Construction
    Crank Arm Materials Heat treated 4130 Tubular crank arms
    Crank Arm Lengths 170mm, 175mm, 180mm
    Drive Side Left and right hand drive compatible
    Spindle 19mm heat treated 48 splined spindle
    Colors Black, White, Team Green, Chrome

    1 lb 15.2 oz (885 g)

    Miscellaneous 1-pc forged spindle boss and pedal boss
    Price $129.99
    More Info DK website