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Eastern Bikes Tribe Cranks

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
Eastern Bikes Tribe Cranks Cranks Eastern Tribe Arms Matte Red Lo-Res
C70_cranks_eastern_tribe_arms_matte_red_lo_res C70_cranks_eastern_tribe_arms_matte_black_lo_res C70_cranks_eastern_tribe_arms_grouped_lo_res C70_cranks_eastern_tribe_arms_matte_blue_lo_res C70_cranks_eastern_tribe_arms_matte_acid_wash_lo_res C70_cranks_eastern_tribe_arms_matte_purple_lo_res

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    “awesome cranks”

    The Good: clean look, strong, light

    The Bad: press fit is annoying as fuck, unless you have the tools which i dont

    Overall Review: super clean and unique look, they dont hurt your ankles, and light. if you dont have the tools, its gunna be a bich to get a hold of eastern and youl have to pay 15$ at least nd they didnt even give me the installation tool, only the tool to take it off but other than that, amazing cranks. tottaly recommended.

    “Eastern Tribes”

    The Good: Light, great looking, strong (enough for me anyway), and come with everything you need in a nice box..

    The Bad: Press fit... nothing a mallet didnt take care of though (fuck the tools!)

    Overall Review: grreat cranks... I advise using the right tools if you want thee longest life out of them though Im just lazy

    “great cranks”

    The Good: They are beautiful and are perfect

    The Bad: nothing they are great

    Overall Review: best cranks im ever had.

    “Surprisingly good”

    The Good: Hold up well, durable arms, light.

    The Bad: Press fit (ugh)

    Overall Review: I've had these for about a year and a half now, I don't do major drops, but I do a lot of riding (usually every day) These have held up really well. The square arms make them stand up to some abuse to the arms, lots of dropped out grinds and they've still held their shape. They're really fairly light and I like the look of them. It's the one part of my bike I haven't had to replace except for the headset in the last year... Oh, and like any press-fit, it sucks working on them. But the tools Eastern supplies work great (and I lost mine and emailed them and they hooked me right up w a replacement set of tools)


    Crank Arm Construction 3-pc. Cranks w/ Concave & Tapered Arms on Three Sides to Increase Strength, Front Side of Cranks are Smooth to be Ankle-friendly, Post Weld Heat Treatment
    Crank Arm Materials 100% Chromoly
    Crank Arm Lengths 175mm
    Drive Side Left or Right Hand Drive Compatible w/ 23T Micro Drive Compatibility
    Spindle 19mm Diameter 48 Spline Hollow Heat Treated Chromoly Spindle
    Colors Matte Black, Matte Hot Blue, Matte Blue, Matte Red, Matte Acid Wash, Matte Purple

    1 lb 13.3 oz (831 g)

    Miscellaneous Comes w/ All Tools Needed to Assemble & Remove Both Arms, Also Comes w/ Bolts for Regular and Micro Drive Chainwheels
    Price N/A
    More Info Eastern Bikes website