Ezra Geist Cranks

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Ezra Geist Cranks V21-005
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    “Great feel better than premium 1948s”

    The Good: LHD/RHD,48 Spline,Feel alot better than premium 1948s,Flex a very small amount which makes them feel better IMO but not too much,Come with the installation removal tool,Paint doesnt wear away very easy like others say. 8mm Bolt.

    The Bad: Obviously Brand new 48 splines are hard to get on. 8mm Bolts.

    Overall Review:

    Great For the price.Great looking welds & Barely flex.

    8mm Bolts good and bad. Good so i dont bend anymore 6mms bad because not everyone carrys an 8mm

    “better than profile GDH”

    The Good: 48 spline,beautiful welds, hollow spindle.light,smooth.

    The Bad: none so far. i mob the fuck out of them every day and they havent made any noises, havent bent, or slipped.

    Overall Review:

    lighter than profile gdh cranks, badass cranks. for 1000 bucks, you cant beat them!

    “dont care what anyone says”

    The Good: these cranks are real amazing im a big dude almost 3 bills and i slam on these all day and they hold up great never come loose

    The Bad: i dont like how their lhd or rhd compatible becuz the non driver side looks kinda fugly

    Overall Review: really good these are the some of the best and u cant beat free shipping

    “Ezra Geist Cranks”

    The Good: Very nice welds, one piece spindle and sprocket boss. The spindle is very light and super hollow. One of the best 48 spline cranks on the market.

    The Bad: The paint wears off fast, but who cares.

    Overall Review: If you want 48 spline cranks buy these. You will be very happy with them.

    “Great Cranks”

    The Good: Stiff as hell, can't beat the price, all the installation/removal tools included plus a packet of grease.

    The Bad: Nothing so far.

    Overall Review: I would recommend these cranks to anyone and everyone, they are amazingly stiff, paint is really nice. For all those weight weenies, they are only 28 oz or so. All and all, great cranks, buy them!


    Crank Arm Construction
    Crank Arm Materials Heat Treated Japanese Chromoly
    Crank Arm Lengths 175mm
    Drive Side Right or Left Hand Drive Compatible
    Spindle 48 Spline Butted 19mm, Internally Butted to Save Weight
    Colors Matte Black, Matte Red, Matte Blue, Matte Phosphate

    1 lb 12.3 oz (801 g)

    Miscellaneous Buy at www.veinbmx.com
    Price $99.99
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