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Fit CRANKS Cranks

Average User Rating: (Spectacular)
Fit CRANKS Cranks fit_cranks_black
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    “pretty legit cranks”

    The Good: weight strength looks

    The Bad: hard to get on. can rub your ankles raw

    Overall Review: pretty legit. ive had them for like a year. havent had any problems yet. id recommend them to anybody who want a good set of cranks

    “fit cranks”

    The Good: they are pretty light strong and dont break

    The Bad: hard as hell to get them off and i dont really like the shape of them

    Overall Review: to get them on you just push them on as far as you can then screw the bolt in and the cranks slide on but its really hard to get them off so that sucks

    “Confusing Cranks”

    The Good: they look nice, really dont know how they ride yet

    The Bad: i cant get them on!!

    Overall Review: Seriously confusing, they dont have lock on screws, does this mean i just hammer the arms on the spindle? cos' thats the only way they go on but then how do i get the other side on without pushing the spindle out the bb? please someone leave a comment to help me!!


    The Good: don't know i don't have them

    The Bad: Don't have them....

    Overall Review: 29 lb 15 oz (13.6 kg) i will point out that my bike weigh 9kg so the cranks are wrong.... its around 0,9kg not 13kg.........Americans...................


    Crank Arm Construction Concaved Arm Design increases strength and dent resistance
    Crank Arm Materials Tubular 4130 Chromoly
    Crank Arm Lengths 175mm
    Drive Side RHD/LHD compatible with two sprocket bolt locations
    Spindle Hollow 19mm 48 spline spindle
    Colors black grey and white

    1 lb 13.2 oz (826 g)

    Price N/A
    More Info Fit website