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Fit Indent 24 Cranks

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Fit Indent 24 Cranks CRANK_24M_BLK_PAIR_LRG
C70_crank_24m_blk_pair_lrg C70_crank_24m_crm_pair_lrg C70_crank_24m_wht_pair_lrg C70_crank_24m_bb2_lrg

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“fit 24 indent”

The Good: there stiff, strong, look nice, light, the chrome ones are shinny as fuck. rhd and lhd

The Bad: my logo rubbed off i got the chrome ones but whatever. took alittle elbow grease and the crank bolt to put on.

Overall Review:

there great all around. not to much money. i reccemend them.  24 mm is fat as fuck its sweet

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Crank Arm Construction Concaved design increases strength and dent resistance,
Crank Arm Materials
Crank Arm Lengths
Drive Side RHD / LHD compatible with two sprocket bolt locations
Spindle 23.80mm (24mm) hollow CrMo spindle
Colors Matte Black, Matte White, Chrome

1 lb 14.9 oz (875 g)

Price N/A