Kink Pillar Cranks

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Kink Pillar Cranks cranks_pillar_K550-175CR
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    Reliable cranks !

    The Good:

    These cranks are light, strong, and can take any abuse you throw at them. I have had these cranks for a year now I haven't run Into and problems. The metal backplate on the crank arms look good and add a lot of strength to the cranks. They have a beefy 22mm spinal with hollow bolts.

    The Bad:

    The paint rubs of the arms easily if you ride a lot. I would suggest getting mid top shoes because these cranks hurt your ankles. Spline drive is only compatible on one side.

    Overall Review:

    I used to ride profile cranks which literally bent then snapped in the middle of the arms so I wanted a set cranks that would last, not bend or snap, so the welded on back plate was appealing to me. One year later and they are still running strong. The crank arm fits snugly into the spinal with no wobble which is also a pro. So overall I would highly recommend these cranks.

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    Vital BMX member Bradkrofchek
    112138 Bradkrofchek,112138/all 07/03/14 1

    Great cranks

    The Good:

    They can run micro drive and regular sprockets on either side the spindle is hollow and both the sprocket bolt and the spindle bolt are hollow there 22mm so thicker the pedal bosses are awesome haven't stripped out witch is good for me seeing how all my other ones strip out while im riding overall i love them couldn't ask for more.

    The Bad:

    lol its a wimpy thing but i had to get a new bottom bracket cause there 22mm lol but i love them

    Overall Review:

    the best cranks ive ever ridden and ive ridden: profile racing, odyssey thermal, odyssey twombolts, nitrous, fit cranks, and a couple others these are by far the best!!!!!

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    Vital BMX member Jacob Landis
    110778 Jacob Landis,110778/all 03/14/14,110778/setup 1 1 2


    The Good:


    The Bad:

    Ankle killer. Wear hightops.

    Overall Review:

    Theyre sexy and strong as fuck. Best cranks i have ever owned.

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    Vital BMX member Auto
    64818 Auto,64818/all 07/15/10,64818/setup 32 223 3 4 1


    Product Kink Pillar Cranks
    Riding Type Freestyle
    Type 2 Piece
    Crank Arm Construction pc Forged Backplate ties together pedal and spindle bosses while acting as a backbone to each crank arm.
    Crank Arm Materials
    Crank Arm Length
    • 170mm
    • 175mm
    Drive RHD/LHD Compatible
    Spindle 24mm, 22mm
    Colors Black ED, Chrome (175mm), Gray, White
    Weight 28 lb 5 oz (12842 g)
    Miscellaneous -Regular and micro drive sprocket bolt. -2pc 48-Spline Drive. -Lifetime Warranty Guaranteed.
    Price N/A
    More Info

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