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Premium Products 16 Spline Cranks Cranks

Average User Rating: (Good)
Premium Products 16 Spline Cranks   Cranks Premium_blk_16spline

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    “Light Cranks Nothing Too Special”

    The Good: Average lasting, work for crank slides light strongish

    The Bad: Aluminium bolts Don't use the greece Spindle bends

    Overall Review:

    Pretty good cranks, not as good or beautiful as Hollow or Powerbites but the work and they are pretty light

    If you don't have enough for the best make sure you get these, they will cut a couple of pounds without being shitty

    over all light weight, not to shabby, and strongish.

    “Pretty much Shit”

    The Good: Cheap, light


    Overall Review:

    I've had these cranks for almost 2 years and these bastards keep fucking breaking. I broke one of the pinch bolts for a second time today, and it is an absolute pain in the ass trying to get half a bolt out of the threads.

    “Rockin' these cranks right now.”

    The Good: Pretty good cranks.

    The Bad: The only thing wrong with them is that it comes with 2 different spindle bolts, the gold pair of spindle bolts makes the sprocket bolt and the spindle bolt come lose so damn much but the black pair makes it nice and tight. ut the gold pair are 6mm allens and the black pair is 8mm allens

    Overall Review: Cranks are pretty good but there is something wrong with the gold pair of spindle bolts so dont use them.

    “These cranks are decent”

    The Good: So far these cranks seem pretty solid, lightweight, good for budget builds.

    The Bad: From what i've been noticing, the cranks tend to shift on the spindle where the crank arms tighten on the spindle. I have yet to contact premium about it but i'll send them an email seeing what they'll do about it.

    Overall Review: So far these cranks do what they are designed to do. These cranks come with 2 types of spindle bolts. 1st set uses a small allen wrench size, and the 2nd set uses a bigger allen wrench size which the bolt might break away from the threads if you overtighten the bolt. Premium is good on replacing the bolts.

    “love these cranks”

    The Good: i dont get why everyone is having problems with these cranks... they are amazing!

    The Bad: nothing really

    Overall Review: i have had these cranks for almost 2 years now and they have held up extremely well. baught em brand new off of dans and have had no problems. and im a hard rider too. i run almost all premium parts and they have all held up extremely well

    “fuck these cranks”

    The Good: they rode so good for the whole week and a half

    The Bad: my dad put em on pearl as shit, i was riding to Elk. skatepark and noticed the sprocket bolt came loose, it ended up stripping the whole hole out. so i rode em three times and have no more use for em, and premium refuses to warranty them.

    Overall Review: my dad put em on pearl as shit, i was riding to Elk. skatepark and noticed the sprocket bolt came loose, it ended up stripping the whole hole out. so i rode em three times and have no more use for em, and premium refuses to warranty them. IM SO DONE WITH PREMIUM.

    “solid average value for money crank”

    The Good: these are average solid, lightwieght and good looking cranks. they come with spare pinchbolts and some grease. they hold up well after a good month or two of wearing in. i've recently learnt crank arm slides and its held up really well to those, even the paint has held up !

    The Bad: after about a week they will start making some horrid clicking noises, and when i fitted them on 26th December by Jan 26th litterally all the bolts had come loose, my bottom bracket was hangin out for gods sake! they just take a while wearing in but i think they still need tightening it up more often than other cranks so i mean they're good but not the best :/

    Overall Review: Only Buy these if your tight for cash or just upgrading from stock cranks. if you got some more money comin in, save up and get the premium 48 spline ones they are awesome, or the fit cranks, some nice profiles, wethepeople royals or what i bought after these DK Socials , i really recomend them, especialy with a BSD Ti axle then again cranks are cranks just be prepared to tighten them up and grease em now and again.

    “they suck!”

    The Good: they lasted about 3 months ,light,affordable,good for kids

    The Bad: like most of the reviews here ,my pinch bolt snapped clean off, broke the spindle bolt and cracked the spindle,

    Overall Review: get these if your under 130 lb., lol and just spend the xtra money to get some better cranks,instead of having to buy new ones after while

    “16 spline Premium”

    The Good: Lite. They made my bike move forward without too much maintenance.

    The Bad: They started to make sounds as I gave them HELL during sessions. The gearing was alittle bit off too

    Overall Review: I traded an older complete bike for these cranks, I rode em for a year, great, but now I ended up upgrading to spline drive Profile Cranks Its like night and day with alignment


    Crank Arm Construction Chromoly construction
    Crank Arm Materials Chromoly
    Crank Arm Lengths • 175mm length only
    Drive Side Both LSD & RSD
    Spindle 19mm hollow chromoly spindle, spindle bolts and 6mm sprocket bolt
    Colors Black & White

    1 lb 14 oz (850 g)

    Miscellaneous Dialed cranks with a pinch bolt so they come on and off easy. There's a screen printed Premium logo on the inside of each arm and they are compatible for both left and right side drive.
    Price $129.00
    More Info Premium Products website