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Premium Products 1948 Cranks

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Premium Products 1948 Cranks 76645-1948-CRANK-GRN
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    “Great cranks”

    The Good: Weight is perfect they are strong i never worry about tightening them i love the hollow spindle i got mine in chrome

    The Bad: When the first time i went to take them off they were a bitch to remove and i even used the grease that would prevent seizing

    Overall Review:

    Recomend to anyone who likes premium and anyone looking to reduce weight on there bike and to have strong cranks its definitely worth the money

    “Sublime perfection.”

    The Good: Everything about these cranks is great. Perfect length for going quick (175mm), perfect weight, perfect shape, really strong and good for crankarm grinds (when I rarely do them).

    The Bad: Sometimes my left side pedal comes loose, but apart from that...

    Overall Review:

    Real great cranks, I have the bossless ones paired up with a Mutiny 28t sprocket, really strong and light like I said, and if you can get them for the right price, you literally can't go wrong with them.

    “premium 1948 cranks”

    The Good: they are good light and strong and i like the curve feature of the cranks i guess it helps with bar spins which i cant do lol and they are rhd and lhd

    The Bad: pedals come loose on one side i have jcpc btw and the spindle gets stuck on one of the crank harms sometimes

    Overall Review:

    i love them and the pricing is good

    “5 stars on these babys”

    The Good: theyre light strong and look nice

    The Bad: pedals going loose on them, spindle stuck to crank arm nbd

    Overall Review:

    had them for over a year they are mint

    “stronger than jesus”

    The Good: they are a great shape for crank arm grinds and they can take the abuse from them to. they also can take big drops.

    The Bad: the only bad thing about them is that they dont come in different sizes cause i have big feet but dont like big chainstays so i would like smaller cranks

    Overall Review: other than the size thing, i love these so much. i would get these again, but i doubt i will ever have to get new cranks. these babies could withstand domesday

    “favorite cranks”

    The Good: everything they are solid as fuck

    The Bad: didnt hate anything about them

    Overall Review: get them...i had them & loved them but i ended up trading them for a premium deathtrap frame but now i want them back so im probably gonna get them again


    Crank Arm Construction • Chromoly arms with CNC-machined sprocket interface (LSD or RSD compatible)
    Crank Arm Materials • Chromoly arms with CNC-machined sprocket interface (LSD or RSD compatible)
    Crank Arm Lengths • 175mm length
    Drive Side Both
    Spindle • Heat-treated, 48-spline hollow spindle (Profile compatible)
    Colors Black, Green & Raw


    Miscellaneous Strong and stylish. Ridden by guys like Dan Foley and Chad Kerley so you know they hold up when you're throwing down.
    Price N/A
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